How to pass anatomy and physiology fitness exams

How to pass anatomy and physiology fitness exams

Knowing how to pass anatomy and physiology for your fitness exams can be tricky… scouring the web for clarity, YouTube for deeper understandings and leaving revision later and later until time runs out altogether.

Below are 3 tips… everything you need to know how to pass anatomy and physiology for your fitness exams.

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Make sure to press play on the TIP 2 video and scroll down for a final summary of all 3! 🙂

Tip 1: Give yourself time to learn AND revise

Give yourself plenty of time to learn and revise.

Let’s take a minute to break down “learn and revise

So many learners have reached out for guidance on where to start revising. You can only start revising if you have first learned the content.

If you google “Revision” you’ll find the word revision is a noun. Revision also has many synonyms such as re-write, rephrasing, and redrafting. Revising, therefore, is re-writing keynotes, rephrasing main topics and redrafting areas that are tricky.  So, before you start revising you MUST tuck into the course content and learn it.

The more time you give yourself here the better… obviously! 🙂

Now here’s the problem.

Let’s say your exam is scheduled for 3 months away, most people don’t take action because the urgency is low. What I mean by that is, there is no consequence to starting right now, today, 3 months in advance… people leave it later and later to learn and revise until urgency kicks in, leaving only 1 to 2 weeks before the exam.  They are now left to only revise key topics and cram in as much as possible. Whereas starting early allows you to learn, absorb and master the content… then you can make a revision schedule to re-write, rephrase and redraft key areas you need more work on!


Start learning and revising now and enter your exam knowing and not guessing!

Tip 2: Exam day strategy

Press play on the video below; learn and build your own exam day strategy.

Without this, you’ll be walking into your exam feeling overwhelmed and reacting to every question rather than responding with confidence with the right answer!

ACTION: Prepare your Brain Dump and make sure all your tricky topics are in there ready for exam day! Don’t expect your brain to suddenly remember everything… sue the brain dump to jog your memory and side step overwhelm.

Tip 3: Complete Specific Exam Mock Questions

Complete mock questions that are specific to your exam and this also comes with a word of warning!

First up, there are dozens of websites that contain mock questions and you MUST be 100% sure they are relevant to your exam.  So randomly searching google for “anatomy and physiology mock questions” might not help you after all.  See, the mock questions may test your knowledge, however, the wording, language and structure of the questions might be totally different come exam day. Therefore, not truly testing you and helping you pass!

Our advice is to use specific mock questions that are for Active IQ, YMCA and VTCT exams… specific to fitness qualifications such as those found in the gym instructor, personal trainer, exercise referral, Yoga and Pilates courses. To get you started, download your Revision Pass Pack specific to your fitness exam: DOWNLOAD NOW

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💡 Highlights

1) Give yourself plenty of time to learn and revise... don't be one of those people who put it off and off until there is so much urgency and little time left!

2) Prepare your own "Brain Dump" and revision strategy from today's video.

3) Download specific mock questions to your fitness exam...

Practice the questions structure, word choice, and pattern in which questions will be asked ready for exam day! Plus download your Revision Pass Pack


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