FitPro Beginnings Start With The End In Mind

FitPro Beginnings: Start With The End In Mind

Welcome to Season 2 of our podcast dedicated to helping you get the most out of your FitPro beginnings.

This is episode 1, where Neale and I talk about starting with the end in mind and how understanding WHY you wanted to become a FitPro will give you the fuel and fire to start as a FitPro

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why FitPro Sessions has started a New Season and what you can expect over the next 4 episodes all about FitPro Beginnings
  • The importance of starting with the end in mind
  • WHY you wanted to become a FitPro and how to use this to fuel your journey towards working with clients
  • The importance of knowing your numbers as a FitPro
  • The difference between being employed and running a Fitness Business
  • How you will wear many hats as a new FitPro
  • Starting as a Confident and Knowledgeable Fitness Professional

Watch Season 2, Episode 1 here:

FitPro Beginnings Start With The End In Mind


0:30 Introduction to Season 2: FitPro Beginnings
1.00 Why we have started a new season of FitPro sessions Podcast
2:30 What to expect in Season 2
4:15 The importance of starting with the end in mind
5:50 Why did you want to become a FitPro?
14:00 Helping People and making money are the same thing
27:10 Results and Success are not instant
33:20 Jack of all trades, Master of ONE
35:00 Why you wear many hats as a FitPro
36:30 What are your questions about making FitPro Beginnings
40:00 What to expect in season 2, episode 2 as we answer ALL of your FitPro questions

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