Exploring The Self-Efficacy Theory By Bandura

Today’s FITPRO Session Podcast episode is a deep dive into the self-efficacy theory by Bandura, and how to use this as a FITPRO to help your clients achieve behaviour change

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why self-efficacy is the missing link for client results and adherence
  • The four components of The Self-Efficacy Theory By Bandura
  • How to prepare your client for high temptation situations

Watch S8E3: Exploring The Self-Efficacy Theory By Bandura

Exploring The Self Efficacy Theory By Bandura


0:00 Welcome to Season 8 Episode 3 of the FITPRO Sessions Podcast: Exploring The Self-Efficacy Theory By Bandura
0:02 What is behaviour change and the transtheoretical model recap
0:06 What is The Self-Efficacy Theory By Bandura?
0:10 The FITPRO intervention for behavioral change
0:12 Do you help build or reduce client self-efficacy? The four components of self-efficacy
0:25 emotional responses and self-efficacy
0:30 Verbal persuasions and affirmations and group control
0:40 Self-efficacy towards one goal, not the process
0:47 Reinforcing belief that they can or cannot achieve a goal
0:50 Not leaving it until race-day
0:58 What are you doing as a FITPRO to improve client self-efficacy
1:00 What is your big takeaway from today’s episode?
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