Episode 14 Tackling Pain with Kyle Simpson

Episode 014 Tackling Pain with Kyle Simpson

Welcome to Episode 014 Tackling Pain with Kyle Simpson from KS Sports Therapy

In this podcast episode, Neale interviews Kyle Simpson from KS Sports Therapy as they discuss Tackling Pain and rehabilitating after Injury as well as understanding why people get injured in Sport and Exercise.

Stay tuned as Kyle and Neale link the importance of learning anatomy and physiology in order to understand how to serve your clients best and avoid injury.

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Episode 14 Tackling Pain with Kyle Simpson

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1:20 Who is Kyle Simpson and KS Sports Therapy
2:00 What made you get into Sports Therapy in the first place?
3:00 “I picked Sports Therapy on a bit of a whim to be honest”
4:10 What was it like qualifying as a Sports and Exercise Rehab Degree Qualification?
5:20: “I really enjoyed learning Anatomy”
6:00 The importance of knowing Anatomy and physiology outside of your exam
6:50 “No one muscle works on its own”
8:00 “Being injured doesn’t mean you need to stop exercising all together”
8:45 What was the biggest take away from your degree other than the qualification?
9:30 What’s your thought on an online sports therapy course?
11:00 The problem with sticking to the same plan for all clients
11:20 What other courses and seminars have you done to progress you and your business?
11:50 Social media nad word of mouth for getting new clients
12:20 Compulsory CPD and short courses every year through BASRAT
13:00 Researching new topics and injuries as they come up
15:00 “Everyone’s body has a certain level of tolerance that they can withstand when they exceed this tolerance that’s when they get injured”
17:30 “Although pain might be in one area, the cause may be elsewhere”
18:00 What do you mean by up or down the chain?
19:30 What’s the injury or pain that you like to work with most?
20:00 The effect of Low Back pain
20:30 What sport do you like to work with most?
22:50 The concept of Overuse, Misuse and Underuse of muscles
24:10 What myths have you heard that you can debunk?
24:50 The balance between surgery and therapy
26:00 Treatment and corrective exercise whilst on the waiting list
28:00 The benefit of letting your client move-on
30:00 The importance of getting a result with a client
31:30 Why do you think that 80% of coaches don’t stay in the fitness industry past 18 months
35:50 The importance of an initial consultation and testing
42:00 What is your thoughts on Lordosis, Kyphosis, and Scoliosis?
46:00 How much of your work is mindset and behavioral change?
44:00 Learn Question: How to overcome barriers?
48:30 Learner Question: What can you do with Plantar-fascitis?
52:00 “Isn’t it worth taking a few months out of running now, to have the rest of the year running pain-free?”
52:30 Learner Question: Why do you think anatomy is important for fit pros?
54:00 What three tips would you give someone wanting to start as a coach or therapist?
55:20 What makes an Outstanding Coach?

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