Episode 029 rant - limitations of a fitpro

Episode 29 Rant the Limitations of a FitPro

Today’s FitPro Sessions Podcast explores your limitations of a FitPro. Neale and I rant about what you can and cannot do with the qualifications you have.

Although this is a rant, it’s kinda more of a helpful guide, giving you the clear black and white rules that you sit within as a FitPro

Many Fitpros are unsure who they can work with and what their qualifications allow them to do. As a result they are taking unnecessary risks with clients and drawing a blind eye to limitations.

This results in a sub-standard service to clients and a gap in confidence and quality. Not to mention that this creates a gap in legal protection too.

Imagine asking your family GP to do surgery on your hip. Or asking your handyman to landscape your garden. 

In all industries there are foundational certifications and qualifications that you build on later, to become a specialist. The combination of experience and knowledge compounds on further quals to make you the BEST person for the job. The specialist.

As a FitPro, knowing the limitations of your qualifications will offer FREEDOM to feel confident in what you offer. It will give a clear black or white parameter of what you can do and who you can work with.

This makes it easier to refer clients to specialists and differentiate yourself as a specialist

Today, Neale and I explore the limitations of a FitPro, so stay tuned… 🙂

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Episode 29 Rant the Limitations of a FitPro

Grab the FitPro Sessions Podcast show notes:


0:30 Introduction to Episode 029 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast
1:30 Not just a rant, a helpful guide to help you understand the limitations of a FitPro
4:00 Failing a PARQ is the clearest limitation
5:30 You lack confidence because you don’t have the knowledge, experience or qualifications to deal with them
8:00 The difference between learning and being qualified as a specialist
10:00 Level 2 Fitness Instructor limitations – who can you work with
11:30 The difference between qualification and awareness when working with special populations
15:00 Are you drawing a blind eye to the rules, to justify your action?
16:00 A particular set of skills that will help you get from A to B
18:00 The 60-second summary:
A) The difference between level 2 gym and Level 3 PT
B) Group or One to One
C) Specialist Populations
21:00 4 questions to check you are inside the limitations of a FitPro
24:30 The importance of Exercise Referral for all FitPros
27:00 Your invitation to our Exercise Referral Qualification
27:40 There are no grey lines, its black or white

3 Principles underpinning the Limitations of FitPro

1. What’s the difference between Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 PT?

The l2 fitness instructor (gym) allows you to offer single safe and effective training sessions for one-to-one clients in a gym-based environment. 

The level 3 pt includes nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, behavior change and activity to create long term changes and goals via full periodised plans and support.

Find out more about qualifying as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor or Level 3 PT in our Milton Keynes Academy

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2. Group or one to one

The level 2 gym and L3 pt are focused on one-to-one training and small group sessions, where all clients require a similar goal and plan. 

To work with groups there are two main fitness qualifications that are recommended

L2 Exercise To Music (ETM) if you wanna teach aerobic style exercise to music, Including legs bums and tums, or HIIT aerobics workouts etc. You’ll learn musicality, how tow to instruct and correct and how to progress classes.

L2 Circuits if you wanna teach circuit style classes and bootcamps for groups of 4 or more clients. You’ll learn group management, circuit layouts, variables, progressions and adaptations

3. Specialist populations

At level 2 all quals will teach awareness of 4 main special populations:

  • 14-16 year olds,
  • pre and post natal,
  • older adults
  • and disability.

The Level 2 Qualification just offer awareness. The syllabus shows you some key fundamental considerations in case a client asks you about their daughter or pregnant wife. It will also allow you to do the occasional gym induction to these populations with considerations.

However, you cant teach/coach these regularly or consider yourself as a specialist in teaching these populations.

Further qualifications exist to teach you more about each:

4 Questions to check you are inside the limitations of a FitPro

  • Who are you working with at the moment?
  • Do you feel confident to work with these clients?
  • Who do you want to work with?
  • What TYPE of sessions do you want to deliver?

Using these four questions, create a learning plan of courses and qualifications that build your specialist knowledge and experience over a few years. 

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What is the Long-Term Conditions Qualification for FITPROs?

The Level 3 long-term conditions qualification is a specialized certification. Fitness Professionals can add this qualification to their existing Gym, PT, Pilates or Yoga skills. This allows them to work with clients who have chronic health conditions or refer a PAR-Q.

The course will teach skills and knowledge to design safe and effective exercise sessions for those with conditions.
You learn 27 long-term conditions including diabetes, heart disease, Parkinsons’, depression and obesity.
The long-term conditions qualification program covers a range of topics. This includes:

  • The pathophysiology of chronic conditions,
  • Considerations for exercising with long-term conditions
  • How to decide if a client is safe to exercise
  • How to refer and liaise with healthcare professionals
  • The client journey
  • Exercise and nutrition recommendations
  • How to monitor and adapt exercise programs

A Long-Term Conditions Qualification is a game-changer for fitness professionals. They can expand their client base by working with individuals who have chronic conditions.

This means no more turning away clients who fail a PARQ and the ability to attract more clients.

The demand for fitness professionals who can work with chronic conditions is on the rise. Having this qualification can set fitness professionals apart and improve their career prospects.

How to get qualified to Train Clients with Long-Term Conditions?

Become a specialist in offering health-related activity advice and supporting clients that fail a PAR-Q or have Long Term Conditions.

This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from other FITPROs, expand your knowledge, confidence, and link up with healthcare professionals.

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