Episode 041 What’s the difference between process and outcome goals for fitness clients

What’s the difference between process and outcome goals for fitness clients

When working with fitness clients, you’ll come across a variety of goals, but what’s the difference between process and outcome goals?

If you are working towards your Level 2 gym, Level 3 PT, Level 3 Pilates, Yoga, Exercise Referral or Level 4 Specialist Qualifications, you will be asked to write goals as part of your Learner Achievement Portfolio (LAP).

This episode will show you the difference between Process and Outcome goals so you can add clarity in your LAP and add depth to your client goal setting.

If you get goal-setting correct than everything else (including planning) falls into place. It is important that you not only set a goal that is realistic, but also that you find out the goal your client REALLY WANTS.

There are two main problems with your goal-setting for fitness clients…

  1. You aren’t taking time to understand your client’s real goal
  2. SMART goals are important but you don’t know how to relate that to what your client really wants
  3. You are looking at goals totally wrong and don’t understand about the difference between process and outcome goals

Today’s podcast will solve all three of these problems and give you tangible examples that you can apply to ANY fitness client

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0:30 Introduction to Episode 040 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast
1:00 It is guaranteed that you need to understand the difference between process and outcome goals
2:00 Applying goals to working with fitness clients
3:30 Great goals beyond SMART goals
5:00 The key to goal setting is to know what your client really wants
7:00 Diving three questions deep to understand what your client wants
9:30 What is a long term outcome goal?
12:00 How do you relate the outcome goal to their process goals?
14:30 Pushing over ONE domino as the outcome
17:00 Moving form an outcome goal to a performance goal.
19:00 Outcome and Performance goals could be very similar
19:30 Your goal is about becoming something at the end
22:00 What’s the difference between outcome, performance, and process goals
23:15 Process goals are 100% in our control like modifiable nutritional changes or FITT principles in the activity.
26:30 Knocking down process goal dominos every day
30:00 Example 1: Fat Loss Goals
33:55 Example 2: Reducing Blood Pressure Goal
37:30 Example 3: Marathon running goal
39:40 Example 4: Triathlon GB selection goal
41:40 Practice lots of scenarios of clients and goals
42:00 Learn more about SMART goals HERE
44:00 What is the FitPro31 Coaching Programme?
46:00 Reach out to us and join us in our Inner circle Facebook Group for more guidance and support
47:00 Comment below – what is your big takeaway lesson from this episode?

What’s the difference between process and outcome goals for fitness clients

The outcome goal is long term and is characterized by something your client wants to Be, Have and or Feel within a certain time frame

The performance goal is a domino that you need to knock over to achieve the outcome goal – IT IS NOT A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GOAL

Performance and outcome very similar for fitness clients, so make sure you find out what your client REALLY wants

A Process goal is 100% in your client’s control, it consists of modifiable changes in activity, nutrition, mindset, sleep etc. These process goals stack up to achieve the performance goal and then the outcome goal.

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