Episode 12 Building a Fitness Business That Cares with Warwick Wyatt

Episode 12: Building a Fitness Business That Cares with Warwick Wyatt

Welcome to Episode 12: Building a Fitness Business That Cares with Warwick Wyatt from Reinvent Lifestyle

Here’s what we talked about on today’s FitPro Sessions Podcast

In this podcast episode Neale interviews Warwick Wyatt, co-founder of Reinvent Lifestyle as they talk about building a fitness business that cares.

Warwick’s current business (Reinvent Lifestyle) provides fitness and wellness solutions. However, Neale and Warwick’s conversation goes way beyond the gym space, drawing on his experience as a fitness tutor and assessor to help offer advice for new and trainee fitness professionals, and share the importance of caring about your client.

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Episode 12 with Warwick Wyatt Building a Fitness Business That Cares

Grab the FitPro Sessions Podcast show notes:


1:30 Who is Warwick Wyatt and Reinvent Lifestyle
2:30 “A decent, safe, fun and effective solution for exercise”
3:00 The start of my career
5:30 Feeling scared on the first Personal Trainer job role
11:45 A career that incorporates a love for fitness and a history of design
12:30 Forward-thinking fitness and wellness spaces
15:40 What part of your Fitness Qualification course stands out for you
18:00 Starting out as a personal trainer
19:20 Current trends in the fitness industry – being a specialist
22:30 Having the confidence to signpost someone to another resource
23:40 “You can’t do it all on your own”
26:00 Who is Reinvent Lifestyle?
29:00 The first mental health hospital and how classes were delivered
30:40 Having lots of little projects moving at the same time
31:00 “Fitness Professionals should always ave three streams of income”
34:00 What advice would you give someone that’s thinking of a fitness career change
38:00 Getting used to projecting your voice and communicating
41:00 Managing the nerves and negative thoughts
43:00 What did you enjoy most about being a fitness tutor and assessor?
45:00 Impacting more people
47:00 The ripple effect of helping clients and families
48:50 Advice for learners that are nervous about starting a course or new career?
50:20 How do you juggle business, fitness, and family?
52:00 Accepting the imperfection to get what you want.
55:30 Reinventing yourself throughout your fitness career
46:30 What is the next step for Reinvent Lifestyle?
1:00:00 Learner Question: What advice would you give someone who has their Level 3 Practical assessment?
1:02:20 Learner Question: What to prioritize first in a new gym space?
1:04:00 What tips would you offer to break into a local mental health service?
1:09:00 Thank you Warwick
1:09:25 What three tips would you give to someone wanting to start out in fitness and coaching?
1:10:40 What is an outstanding coach?

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