FitPro Sessions Podcast with Parallel Coaching Episode 001 Introduction to the FitPro Sessions

FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 001 – Introduction To FitPro Sessions Podcast with Parallel Coaching

FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 001 – Introduction to FitPro Sessions

Today’s podcast episode is the first of our NEW Podcast FitPro Sessions Podcast, a podcast dedicated to helping FitPros be Learn MORE, Qualify with confidence, and Show Up for their clients as Outstanding Fit Pros.

Here’s what we talked about on today’s FitPro Sessions Podcast

You’ll learn about your two hosts Neale and Hayley, as well as have an insight into WHY they started Parallel Coaching and the FitPro Sessions. You’ll get an insight into the Sessions that follow over the coming weeks, and find out how you can be part of this podcast.

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Grab the FitPro Sessions Podcast show notes:


1:00 intro to Neale and Hayley at Parallel Coaching
2:30 Who is Parallel Coaching
3:30 Who we work with
4:50 Our Blog and YouTube
6:20 What Is Our Vision
7: 50 The Ripple Effect
11:00 What is Meant By Dedicated To More
14:00 Who Is the FitpPro Sessions For?
16:00 What will I Learn Each Week From the FitpPro Sessions?
22:00 Why did you start FitpPro Sessions?
23:20 How do I get involved with FitpPro Sessions?
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26:20 Thank you for being part of the FitPro Sessions
26:30 Neale and Hayley’s 3 Tips for Getting Started in Fitness
31:00 Neale and Hayley’s Definition of an Outstanding Coach

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