Developing Communication Skills As a FITPRO

Today’s FITPRO Session Podcast episode is all about developing communication skills as a FITPRO, and how to use this to help your clients achieve behaviour change

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why communication skills are the watermark behind all behavioural change
  • The importance of building rapport with clients
  • How to see behavioural change as an art rather than a science

Watch S8E4: Developing Communication Skills As a FITPRO

Developing Communication Skills As A FITPRO


0:00 Welcome to Season 8 Episode 4 of the FITPRO Sessions Podcast: Developing Communication Skills As a FITPRO
0:02 Communication Skills are the watermark behind effective Behavioural Change
0:03 Types of Communication Skills
0:04 Building Rapport with Body position and Body Language
0:12 Using the Communication Triangle to build rapport and see the world through their eyes
0:17 Pauses and allowing for time and space
0:20 Consultation Questions and how to keep the conversation open
0:27 The difference between persuasion and influence change talk
0:31 Understanding the OARS of behavioural change
0:40 Maintaining the flow of conversation with intent
0:46 Reflective statements and Paraphrasing
0:52 Summarising regularly inside a natural rhythm
0:57 Communication and behavioural change is an art ratehr than a science
0:59 What are you doing as a FITPRO to improve communication skills?
1:01 What is your big takeaway from today’s episode?
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