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What Is An Anaerobic Interval?

Today’s blog will explain what is an anaerobic interval. As a trainee or qualified fitness professional, you’re probably familiar with the term “anaerobic interval,” but do you really understand what it means? You’ll learn… Start by watching the 8-minute video tutorial below: Watch: What Is An Anaerobic Interval? What is Anaerobic? Firstly, let’s define what …

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4 Steps To Plan a Clients Main Session

Today’s blog will explore how to Plan a client’s Main Session, without overwhelm. You’ll learn the 4 simple steps to take that will ensure every session you plan advances the client towards their goals and avoids randomised planning. If you are working towards your Level 2 or 3 Personal Trainer Qualification, you need to have …

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Become a Kettlebell Instructor in Plymouth

This blog will explain everything you need to become a kettlebell instructor in Plymouth, UK. You’ll learn how to improve your overall coaching skills as a FITPRO and how face-to-face training will improve your confidence and knowledge. You’ll discover: What is the Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Course The benefits of integrating kettlebell training into current …

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