Actin and Myosin: How Does a Muscle Contract?

Actin and Myosin: How Does a Muscle Contract?

Today’s question is from Jade… How does a muscle contract, and what is Actin and Myosin?

This quick 3 minute revision video, explains all about Actin and Myosin, clearing up confusion of how a muscle actually contracts. Its designed to prepare you for your anatomy and physiology exam and help you understand the anatomy of a muscle in much more detail.

Learning How a muscle contracts can be complex and especially hard from a manual.

In a nut-shell:

Actin and Myosin:

Actin is the thin contractile protein
Myosin is the fatter contractile protein,
They are both Myofillaments and together they make a sarcomere.
Sarcomere’s stack end on end to create a muscle fibre.

How Does a Muscle Contract?

The Actin and Myosin draw together, in a concertina which shortens the muscle in length, creating our concentric muscle contraction.

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