7 Final Pieces of Advice Before Your Fitness Exam

If your exam is within the next week, this blog and video have you covered with 7 Pieces of Advice Before Your Fitness Exam

In today’s video training, I’ll share 7 simple pieces of advice that can transform your Level 2 or Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Exam score.

First of all, watch the 7-minute video tutorial and then test your knowledge using the three mock questions at the bottom of this blog.

Watch: 7 Final Pieces of Advice Before Your Fitness Exam

7 Final Pieces of Advice Before Your Fitness Exam

The biggest problem before your Fitness exam

You have probably dedicated months to your exam revision and learning, so the biggest problem you face as you approach is not your knowledge, or lack of time.

THe biggest problem you face before the exam is the 6-inches between your two ears

… your mind

Regardless of how much study and exam preparation you have done, if your mindset is not in the right place, all of your hard work could go to waste.

Often trainee FITPROs will feel anxious and nervous before the exam, and that is normal because you really want the outcome of passing. However, it is not helpful to let these emotions take over. Anxiety moves aside and self-doubt creeps in, then before you know it you’ve convinced yourself that you are rubbish and that you will fail.

This negative cycle continues, as your emotions influence your thoughts, and your thoughts influence your behaviour. Before you know it you start making silly mistakes that confirm to yourself that you will fail the exam, things like misreading the questions, or looking at topics outside of your exam syllabus.. this is not helpful and often self-manifests the fail.

That’s why these 7 final pieces of advice before your Fitness exam day will focus on controlling your mindset and stopping the negative cycle, so you do the best you can on exam day.

Let’s Go

  1. You’ve Done Enough
  2. Bigger Picture
  3. Focus on your best performance not the score
  4. Sleep
  5. Plan all logistics the day before
  6. Treat it like a first date – even if online
  7. Take a moment to breath

You’ve Done Enough

Undoubtedly you have done enough study and revision, you’ve probably spent months preparing. Trust me… that is enough.

If you are in the last few days before the exam stressing that you haven’t done enough is not going to help, and trying to cram extra study in a rushed frantic state won’t help either.

Instead of letting the self-doubt take over, tell yourself “I’ve done enough”.

Bigger Picture

Remind yourself of the bigger picture

As part of your, full Personal trainer course (or another FITPRO course) there are many assessments and units, this exam is probably just 1 of 6.


It is is not the beginning and end of your FITPRO career

It is just one assessment.

This gives it perspective so you don’t expand the exam out of context, and see it as bigger importance than it should be.

Focus on your best performance not the score

Ok, so you want to pass, and you want to pass with a good score.

But, focusing on the 70% pass rate, or aiming for 100% is not helpful for your mindset.

Instead focus on the things you can control, focus on being the best version of yourself on exam day, and focus on producing your very best performance.

It is like a running race, instead of focusing on getting gold, what if you just pushed yourself the best you could, and performed to your maximum… then whatever the score at the end at least you know you genuinely did your best.


Don’t be tempted to axe hours of sleep to cram in extra revision… it won’t help in the long run

Sleep is not only important for recovery, but it also helps us process the information and new learning from the day.

Good sleep will help you feel more alert and ready to take on the exam. This should not just be the NIGHT BEFORE the exam, but also for a few days, or a week before the exam. Build up a habit of a good sleeping routine over the week before to really maximise the benefit of good sleep.

Plan all logistics the day before

The day before your exam, write a list of everything you will need on the day. Do you need to pack food, and clothes, or do you need to fill the car with Petrol? If it is online do you need stable WiFi?

Then get everything ready the day before, lay out the clothes you want to wear, make your lunch, and prepare everything. This not only means you have time to add things that you have forgotten, but it also means you are less likely to lie awake the night before worrying about menial logistics.

It is also a good time to prepare a plan-B if you encounter issues. If the WiFi goes down, who will you call (parents, friends) to use theirs? If your alarm doesn’t go off, will you set two alarms? If the petrol station is closed, which is your backup station?

Preparation is key and it will make you feel more relaxed.

Treat it like a first date – even if online

Even if your exam is online, get yourself ready for the exam as if it is the first date. Have a shower, a shave, and put on clothes that make you feel great. Then show up to that exam ready and fuelled to do your best.

This is very different from rolling out of bed and putting your dressing gown and slippers on for the exam, still with sleep in your eyes.

Treat it like a first date.

Take a moment to breath

You’ve heard it before… but you need to do it.

When the invigilator says “you may now begin”. Take a breath, and start when you are ready to start.

A 5-second pause won’t be wasted time, it will set you up to be focused, clear and in control.

Take a breathe

Test your knowledge with 3 Mock Questions

Look at the Anatomy and Physiology Mock questions below and jot down your answer on scrap paper or as a note on your phone.

Then scroll down to reveal the answers.

1) What action occurs when the muscle fibres of the Gastrocnemius concentrically contract?

A. Plantarflexion
B. Retraction
C. Dorsiflexion
D. Knee Extension

2) Which is the correct flow of blood?

A. Aorta, Right Ventricle, Left Ventricle, Pulmonary Vein
B. Aorta, Right Atrium, Left Atrium, Pulmonary Vein
C. Pulmonary Vein, Left Atrium, Left Ventricle, Aorta,
D. Pulmonary Artery, Left Atrium, Left Ventricle, Pulmonary Vein,

3) Which exercise moves in the frontal plane?

A. Calf Raise
B. Lateral Raise
C. Lunge
D. Russian Twist


Q1: Answer = A
Q2: Answer = C
Q3: Answer = B

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