4 Steps to Understand Anatomical Terms: Easy Revision Task

4 Steps to Understand Anatomical Terms: Easy Revision Task

When it comes to learning/revising A&P, and trying to understand Anatomical Terms there’s a whole new language to understand… right? 

with dozens of new words that consistently show up and that’s before you’ve tucked into the crux knowledge. 

quite often these new words are based around the anatomical position of what-ever it is you’re learning about. 

For example… the anatomical position of the femur or parts of the femur in relation to another part of the body. 

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So let’s make this tons easier…. ready? 

Here’s how to learn ANATOMICAL Terminology using a kids toy as a fun and easy 4 step revision task

If like most families, your kids got a stack of toys. 

This is an awesome opportunity to help your revision and learning. 
Go select a toy… maybe a Barbie, Woody or teddy bear. 

Step 1:  Select ONE toy that resembles a human form…

it could be a doll, a Barbie, Woody etc

Step 2:  Lay the toy on a piece of paper and draw around it.

Step 3:  Annotate the drawing/toy to show these key anatomical terms:

Anterior Front of the body 

Posterior Back of the body

Superior Top of the body or uppermost

Inferior Bottom of the body or lowest

Midline The imaginary line between nose and belly button

Medial Closest to the midline

Lateral Furthest from the midline

Proximal End of the limb closest to the heart / midline

Distal End of the limb furthest from the heart / midline

Step 4:  Relax and enjoy it –

you can even include your kids to help.

The key anatomical terminology in step 3 will show up time and time again 
and guaranteed to show up in your exam. 

Knowing these 9+ anatomical words and their meanings is key to your success. And

Please do not think this is only for the exam mind… 

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