Level 3 Exam Mock Questions - Nutrition

Level 3 Exam Mock Questions: Nutrition

This blog includes 15 Level 3 Exam Mock Questions for Nutrition with answers and explanations, so you can be prepared for your upcoming exam.

You’ll discover:

  • How many questions you will have in your exam
  • How to use the below nutrition mock questions
  • 15 Level 3 Exam Mock Questions for Nutrition and answers
  • How to learn with simplicity using our Level 3 Nutrition Revision Mastery Bootcamp

How many questions will be in my Level 3 Nutrition exam?

The number of questions varies per awarding body and training provider. However, usually there are approximately 40 questions and 90 minutes to answer these.

They are all Multiple Choice questions, like those provided below

The 40 questions are split into 6 modules of content, so you can expect 6-7 questions on each topic.

How to use these mock questions:

First Read the relevant section in your manual or use our Revision Mastery Bootcamp, and then work through the following 12 mock questions.

Do this under exam conditions. i.e. with no assistance from your book.

This will highlight your strengths, weaknesses and trends within the Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity exam.

We have created these questions by looking at past and live questions from all major awarding bodies including YMCA, Active IQ and VTCT. This means the exam questions are similar to those you can expect on exam day.

Check your answers at the bottom of the page and then look for any trends:

  • What questions did you get wrong?
  • Was this because of a lack of knowledge or complex question-wording?
  • What questions did you get correct?
  • Was this because you understood the knowledge or it was easy question-wording?
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Fifteen Level 3 Nutrition Exam Mock Questions

1.During digestion what is the role of the Pancreas:
A. Absorbs carbohydrates into the blood
B. Releases hydrochloric acid to kill bacteria
C. Releases insulin and glucagon
D. Absorbs vitamins B and K

2. Which types of foods are best to restock glycogen stores, as part of a post-exercise meal or snack?
A. Fast release Carbohydrates
B. Slow release Carbohydrates
C. Foods high in protein
D. Foods high in fat

3. Kg/m2 is a unit of measure for which calculation:
A. Basal Metabolic Rate
B. Body Mass Index
C. Body Metabolic Indicator
D. Hip to waist ratio

4. According to the energy balance equation, when is maintenance of body weight achieved?
A. When Energy Input is more than Energy Output
B. When Energy Output is more than Energy Input
C. When Energy Input and Output are Equal
D. When the client eats in a calorie defecit

5. What does PAL factor indicate?
A. The number of steps walked each day
B. Basal Metabolic Rate at rest
C. Structured exercise only
D. Structured exercise and daily activity

6. What data cannot be obtained from a Food Diary Analysis
A. Meal times
B. Exact micronutrient qualities
C. Approximate portions from each macronutrient
D. Amount of fluid consumed

7. Which stomach enzyme breaks down proteins?
A. Pepsin
B. Peptides
C. Amino Acids
D. Lipase

8. How many calories does a single gram of Protein provide?
A. 4 kcals
B. 7 kcals
C. 9 kcals
D. 11 kcals

9. Which of the following would be a ‘dietary practice’ that is followed by some cultural and religious traditions that would influence the nutritional advice given to a client?
A. Dieting
B. Skipping breakfast
C. Fasting
D. Increasing calories

10. What is a key role of Protein:
A. Anaerobic energy production
B. Aerobic energy production
C. Growth and repair
D. Insulation

11. Which dietary fuels can only be burned in the mitochondria when oxygen is present?:
A. Protein
B. Alcohol
C. Carbohydrates and Fats
D. Protein and Fats

12. What does RDI stand for?
A. Recommended Durable Intake
B. Regional Daily Intake
C. Recommended Daily Indicator
D. Reference Daily Intake

13. Why is fibre important as part of a healthy balanced diet?
A. To limit absorption of nutrients
B. To improve transit of food through the gut
C. To provide energy
D. To increase hydration levels

14. Which has the highest energy expenditure per hour?
A. Gardening
B. Competitive Cycling
C. Fitness Pilates
D. Moderate Walk

15. What category does a BMI score of 32 fall into?
A. Obese
B. Overweight
C. Healthy weight
D. Underweight

↓↓↓  See your answers below  ↓↓↓

Now you have completed all 15 Level 3 Nutrition Exam Mock questions, check your answers below,

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Answers: Level 3 Exam Mock Questions – Nutrition

1 = C, 2 = A, 3 = B, 4 = C, 5 = D
6 = B, 7= A, 8 = A, 9 = C, 10 = C
11 = C, 12 = D, 13 = B, 14 = B, 15 = A

How did you do?

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