What Is The Best Personal Trainer Certification In The UK

Best Personal Trainer Certification

There are a lot of different Personal Trainer Qualifications and certificates that are out there but how do you know which is the best personal trainer certification for you?

This blog will highlight the three most important things to look for in a Personal Trainer Course and how it is important to find the one that suits you

If you are “umming” and “aaahing” about a career change, you are not alone…

Are you wondering about whether you are ready to become a personal trainer…?

Fearing it won’t work out…?

Think you are not the right “type of person” to become a personal trainer…?

You are not alone in thinking this… but you are also not right in thinking this.

What do I mean?

How to find the best personal trainer certification

These three secrets will show you exactly how to find the best PT certification and qualification for you,

Secret 1: It Supports You To Be You

The biggest worries that an aspiring fitpro faces before deciding to take the plunge as a PT, is their fear that they dont have what it takes. The worry that they wont be able to fit training around their busy life, or the worry that they have to be young, fit, single and super athletic in order to be a PT.

But in reality, who does fit that description…?

None of our trainee Personal Trainers fit this description.

The best Personal Trainer Certification course is one that supports you to be you, and encourages you to coach in your style. It will encourage you to bring your own experience and your own joureny to help clients as an outstanding trainer, rather than focus on what you are not.

Interesting Fact:

The Average trainee personal trainer on our Level 2 and 3 Personal Trainer course is aged 42!

They are all shapes and sizes from Body Builders to Triathletes, from those that have lost loads of weight to those that have never had a weight issue.

Each learner has a different story, and each will be a fantastic Personal Trainer for that reason

One of the best things about our Personal Trainer Courses is seeing how so many fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life get on so well when they all have the common goal of helping clients change their lives through fitness.

Secret 2: Attendance Days

You may have done your research into Personal Trainer Courses and seen that you can now get qualified as a Level 2 and Level 3 Perosnal Trainer completely online, never having to set foot in a classroom or see a tutor face to face. Although this may sound fantastic (especially if you lack confidence in large groups) consider the possibility that it lacks the accoutnability and personal interaction you need when learning how to instruct.

Our Level 2 and 3 Personal Trainer Course has 11 attendance days (all on weekends) that are spaced out over 4 months of homestudy. This gives you the balance of learning at home around your current career and busy life, but also the crucial training days in the classroom.

These attendance days are priceless not only for learning the physical skills needed as a fitness professional but also to interact with fellow trainee personal trainers, and learn how other people instruct.

You’ll soon realise you are not the only one with fears and worries about making it as a PT.

Secret 3: Support Beyond The Certification

Becoming a Perosnal Trianer is about so much more than just gaining a certificate…. Fast forward 6 months when the PT certificate lands on yoru door-step!

What do you do?


Wait a while?

Wait until someone asks for PT?

This waiting can lead to a big gap between qualifying and actually working with clients – and this gap can be fatal for your fitness career.

It’s importnat to learn the business foundations throughout your course, so you know how you will start working with clients and get a return on investment. This means that you have confidence and momentum right out of the gates.

At the end of our Level 2 and 3 Qualification you get a 4 week Fitness Business Kickstarter masterclass which is designed to help you pin point your ideal client, create a product/ service, market it and start to book your first paying clients. This is a coaching programme so you literally can ask as many questions as you like as we hold-your-hand for hte first 4 weeks to becomeign a PT.

It is our priority that you qualify as a personal trainer and leave feeling confident to start actioning your brand new fitness career 🙂

Still have questions…?

If you are still questionning that becomign a personal trainer is for you, or worrying that your lack of confidence will get in the way, then let us help guide you.

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