Muscles of the body – the adductor group

Need to know the muscles of the body for your upcoming exam?

Can’t get your head around the Adductor Group?

Struggling to remember the muscles and name the group?

This 5-minute video will explain the muscles of the body – in particular, the adductor group and give you 2 clear learning points and a memory hack that you can apply to other groups in the body,

Plus stay around until the end and you can download a special muscle memory cheat sheet

Muscles of the body – the adductor group

Learning Point 1 = Location and Function:

Adductors are located on the inside thigh and their main function is to create Adduction of the Hip. There are some other smaller joint actions also caused by the concentric contraction of this muscle group – but it is primarily ADDUCTION.

I’d love to hear from you, so drop a comment below- what is your favourite Adductor exercises?

Learning Point 2: Naming the Group:

There are 5 muscles in the adductor group –

Adductor Magnus, Adductor Longus, Adductor Brevis, Pectineus, and Gracilis

The first three of these muscles all make up the bulk of the adductor and inner thigh – they play a major role in the joint action of adduction at the hip.

The Pectineus is a tiny muscle and plays a relatively small role.

The Gracilis looks totally different and crosses two joints as it inserts onto the Tibia – crossing the knee and hip, where the other adductor muscles only cross the hip.

Memory Hack:

It is important to find ways that will help you remember ready for exam day – so meet the Adductor Kingdom:

Adductor Magnus: The king; plays a major role
Adductor Longus: The Queen; also a major role but long and elegant
Adductor Brevis: The prince; still plays a role, but is much shorter
Pectineus: The Princess; tiny and plays a small role
Gracilis: “The Jester; Looks different but still plays a small role and also crosses the knee.

I’d love to hear from you- so leave a comment below; what is your favourite Adductor Exercise?

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