Memory Techniques using stories and analogies to learn anatomy

Memory Techniques: Using stories and analogies to learn anatomy

Looking for Memory Techniques that work?

If you struggle to learn and remember key anatomy concepts, then try using stories and analogies.

Most of the ways we understand the world is through narratives, metaphors, or stories. So, why should it be any different for remembering Anatomy?

Stop learning it word for word. Start building stories

Most learners aim to learn the entirety of their anatomy and physiology manual by reading it word for word, and trying to learn it in that way.

Link what you don’t know to what you already know.

Learning is the ability to link what you don’t know to what you do know, and stories and analogies are great for this.

A good example is relating the heart to a water pump, and the circulatory system as a network of water around your house, or around a swimming pool.

You can build your own stories and analogies… or you can use ours.

Our Revision Mastery Series is packed full of stories and analogies.

Want to build your own?

First up… Comment Below

What part of your anatomy are you struggling with…?

Now it’s your turn to create a story:

Step 1: What topic are you trying to learn?

Step 2: What is the function of that thing? i.e. Heart = To Pump

Step 3: What else do you know of that has this same function? i.e. a water pump

Step 4: Is there anything familiar about this new thing you are learning? i.e. The circulation looks like a maze or a water network.

Step 5: Do the words sound like anything else you know… i.e. The Atrium of the heart is like the Atrium of a Theatre. an entrance hall

Step 6: Are there any word/ letter similarities. i.e. A Arteries; A Away from the heart

Step 7: Put it all together to have a clear analogy that works for you.

If you dont want to make your own stories and analogies… borrow ours!

Our Revision Mastery Series is packed full of stories, analogies, and acronyms…

And we have different packages for different levels and subjects…

Click the link to save yourself hours of making your own stories and analogies!


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