How to deal with your client's fat loss problems

How to deal with your client’s fat loss problems

In this episode of our FitPro Sessions podcast, we explore how to deal with your client’s fat loss problems

You’ll discover:

  • The biggest cause of underconfidence for FitPros
  • The difference between Fat Mass and Lean Mass
  • How to liberate your own fears and limiting beliefs around fat loss
  • How to work with a client if they don’t want to weigh-in
  • What daily weight fluctuations mean
  • How training can help achieve Fat Loss

Inside our latest FitPro31 Coaching programme, we noticed a trend in the types of problems FitPros are feeling underconfident to solve; most of the problems were Fat Loss related.

In today’s podcast, we’ll tackle 5 key fat loss problems you may encounter yourself or with your clients

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0:30 Introduction to Episode 044 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast
1.00 Fat Loss problems are one of the biggest cause of underconfidence
3:00 Understanding training knowledge and confidence to apply it
6:30 Weight Loss as a Performance goal LEARN MORE
9:00 Feeling confident to have uncomfortable fat loss conversations with the client
10:00 Measuring, Managing and Monitoring Fat Loss
11:40 What is lean mass compared to fat loss
16:30 How your thoughts and feelings about Fat Loss affect how you deal with client’s fat loss problems
21:40 When the client takes control of how you manage their fat loss
23:00 Why Personal Training is Individuality Training
26:00 Understanding daily weight fluctuations
30:00 Applying VARTEC to all tests you do with your clients
33:00 The impact of training on fat loss
37:00 What is FitPro-31
39:00 Reach out to us and join us in our Inner circle Facebook Group

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