Episode 036 Four Strategies To Reignite Your Revision Spark

Episode 036: Four Strategies To Reignite Your Revision Spark

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, we have had loads of messages from learners asking “How do you Reignite Your Revision Spark?”

Trainee FitPros, Personal Trainers, Pilates and Yoga Teachers are all losing their motivation to study and revise. Each told us BEFORE the lockdown that they were making good progress in preparation for an exam date.


The Exam was canceled and they lost motivation

Sound familiar?

This episode will give you 4 strategies to reignite your revision spark

Using these 4 strategies you will be able to pick up the books and start learning/ revising again, even without an exam deadline booked in.

Grab the FitPro Sessions Podcast show notes:


0:30 Introduction to Episode 036 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast
1:45 Losing Your Revision Spark – The boiler analogy
3:00 The impact of urgency and having an exam deadline
5:00 Getting a Revision Kick up the Butt
8:00 Procrastination is still doing
11:50 The Matrix of Priority: The Eisenhower Matrix
21:50 Setting Goals in Your Revision
30:50 A recap of the Four Strategies To Reignite Your Revision Spark
33:50 The Revision Mastery Bootcamp to reignite your spark, get organized and pass with confidence
35:00 Reach out to us and join us in our Inner circle Facebook Group for more guidance and support

Four Strategies To Reignite Your Revision Spark

Here’s a rundown of the Four Strategies that we spoke about in the podcast…

1. Procrastination is still doing:

Procrastination of required tasks (like revision) is not INACTION,

You are still DOING something, it’s just that you are choosing to do something different

Take a moment to accept that your procrastination is a CHOICE. You are making a decision to do the washing up, laundry, gardening and watch tv.

So, it is not that you are procrastinating away from your study and revision, it is also that you are CHOOSING to do something else first.

2. The matrix  of priority:

The Eisenhower Matrix is a quadrant that indicates how you prioritise tasks and the effect this has on you.

This is a table showing the relationship between urgent and important tasks.

Neale explains this perfectly (much better than I do) in the podcast at minute 12 so make sure you watch this.

One reason you are choosing NOT to study or revise is that it is not classed as being urgent/ important enough.

OK so you cant make it urgent, now that the exam date is unknown, but you can make it IMPORTANT and you can focus on spending more time in the bottom left box.

3. Setting Goals:

Although the deadline has gone, you can still set a self-imposed deadline and a goal to aim towards.

Goal setting is key for keeping you focused, and a clear goal also helps you to see Revision as Important and top of mind.

4. PLAN and DO:

Plan your revision each week in advance, by using a weekly revision planner (you can grab a free template using the link below)

Each week, plan for four key things:

  • When will you study (ie. Tuesday 10am)
  • How long for, (i.e. 30 mins)
  • Which module/topic (i.e. Module 4 Body in Motion)
  • How will you study (i.e. video, audio, text)

Once you’ve planned it, the next step is to ensure you DO what you planned to do.

A great way of doing this is to get someone to hold you accountable to DOING it, by posting your plan on the kitchen fridge and asking family, or posting it in our Inner Circle Facebook Group and ask for accountability on your plan.

Download Your Weekly Revision Planner template

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