Episode 021 Three Christmas Revision Hacks

Episode 021: Three Christmas Revision Hacks

Feeling Christmassy? Here are three Christmas revision Hacks that will help you get the most out of your Christmas downtime and also enjoy the festivities with family and friends

The problem that most trainee FitPros encounter over Christmas is that there is so many distractions that pull you away from the revision you know you should be doing.

Today’s podcast has three game-changing hacks that will help you get prepared for your exams in early 2020 …

without compromising.

Plus join Neale at the end for the Revision Power Hour to get focus in your studies.

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1:00 Intro to today’s FitPro Session: three Christmas revision hacks
1:30 11 days left of 2019
3:30 Seeing Christmas as an opportunity to revise
4:20 Christmas Revision Hack 1: Get It Done Early
5:20 Christmas Revision Hack 2: 12 Days of Christmas – using the limbo
7:00 Christmas Revision Hack 3: The revision schedule and accountability
8:50 How will you break up your learning over the 12 days of Christmas
10:00 “Doing the daily work over the downtime of Christmas gets a better exam result”
11:00 Start of the Revision Power Hour

The Revision Power Hour Cheat Sheet:

Three Christmas Revision Hacks

Christmas Revision Hack 1: Get It Done Early

If you know you need to do 30 mins of revision each day to stay on top of your studies, when do you do it?

I recommend you do it FIRST THING, do it as early as you can in the day. The morning is a time of day that has been researched to offer the most amount of concentration and focus.

This leaves you the rest of the day to enjoy the festivities, have a few eggnogs and get distracted.

Christmas Revision Hack 2: 12 Days of Christmas

There are 12 days of Christmas between Christmas day and January the 5th,

This is a notoriously strange LIMBO time where you are not at work, it’s not really Christmas anymore, and it’s not new year yet.

So it is the perfect time to study and get ahead ready for your exams in the new year

Christmas Revision Hack 3: The revision schedule and accountability

Having a schedule is key to success

even if you are a spontaneous/unorganized person typically… this is going to transform your ability to do your Christmas Revision this year.

Create a quick schedule showing what you are going to study and when. Then involve family or friends so they can hold you accountable to do the work when you plan to do it.

We include a weekly Revision schedule within our Revision Mastery Bootcamp, so you can download it and post it to your fridge

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Our revision mastery bootcamp breaks everything down into a clear and easy to follow structure.

You can then download the videos to MP3 and MP4 to slice your revision time in half and maximize downtime this Christmas.

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See you on the inside

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