Anatomy of a Personal Trainer

The Anatomy of a Personal Trainer is very different to what you see in other professions, and in this blog I’ll explain why

It takes a very special person to become a personal trainer

Most people think that the perfect personal trainer is all about aesthetics… but if you look closely at each layer of their anatomy, you can see why it is such a great profession.

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The anatomy of a personal trainer:

💀No Bones about it… They’re honest! 
The best personal trainers are honest with their clients, and honest with their team… They are ready to call-out their clients, and kick butt when needed. But the really outstanding ones also know that honesty is best delivered with tact and empathy.

💪 They have the muscle to hustle!
5am starts and 11pm finishes. Split shifts. Marketing. Learning more. Writing plans. Developing programmes. Giving free advice… Personal Trainer’s have a strength way more powerful than their bulging biceps! They aren’t afraid to hustle to get results.

🧡 They’ve got the heart to care for clients.
The most outstanding personal trainers, put their client’s emotions first, whilst protecting their own. There is a sixth sense of knowing when to push and when to listen, a balance that makes the client feel safe and cared for.

They’ve got the nerve to get uncomfortable.
Getting new clients, learning marketing, mastering sales, breaking the mold, making videos, … this career is not for the feint hearted, it attracts the ones that have the nerve to try new things and push the comfort zones.

🍏They’ve got the stomach for change. 
Keeping up to date with changes in the industry, changes with clients, changes in work place and changes in business… all while promoting change in lifestyle, health and fitness!

Share this blog with a Personal Trainer that has the perfect anatomy!

Having worked with (and been) personal trainers for over 10 years, I reckon we’ve got the anatomy of a personal trainer perfected.

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What else would you add to the anatomy of a personal trainer?

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