A Beginners Guide To Revision

A Beginners Guide To Revision

Here’s our Beginners Guide To Revision, helping you ditch any revision overwhelm and get you started on your journey to passing your exam.

We’ve HELPED over 6500+ trainee fitness professionals pass their fitness course exams confidently first time with TOP MARKS. Whilst doing this we have noticed a few trends that are common with those that are NEW to revision:

The top trends we see in beginner revisers:

  • They are usually feeling overwhelmed.
  • Unsure of where to start in their revision.
  • Don’t know how they learn best.
  • They have no idea what content they should be learning.
  • Haven’t diarized their revision time.
  • Not structured their revision.

AND to help overcome these beginner issues, Heres our Beginners Guide To Revision:

Our beginners guide to revision is made up of three revision tips:

1.Weekly Schedule:

The first step of our beginners guide to revision is to create a weekly schedule. Every week, either a Sunday night or a Monday morning, sit down and plan the week ahead. You want to plan out the days that you will be studying and the times that you will sit down to do the work. i.e. Monday 12pm-1pm or Wednesday 0630-0700.

What gets diarised, gets done.

You can use our weekly revision planner template to help you make a plan for the week. You can use daily chunks of time as small as 10-15 mins or larger chunks of one or two hours. Whatever you choose should be achievable for you.

Inside our Revision Mastery Bootcamps and the Premium Bundle, you can download a Free Weekly Revision Planner to make sure your studies are on track and to help hold you accountable.

Create your weekly plan with the best intention that you will complete everything you write on your planner. Then put it somewhere public, hang it on your fridge at home, and tell your husband, wife, kids, mum etc. Telling loved ones about your plans helps you (and them) to manage expectations, holds you accountable and maximizes the support they are able to give you.

2. Set Goals Each Week:

The next step is to set realistic goals every week that will structure your revision to be completed in time for your exam.

Let’s say your exam is in 8 weeks time, and you have 8 modules to learn. You can learn one per week and spread out your learning to avoid overwhelm mand last-minute panic.

First up, make sure your exam is booked and then reverse engineer your revision schedule into smaller weekly chunks. Within each week set goals of what you will watch, what you will read, what MP3s you will listen to and what you will learn overall that week. This prevents you from hitting google and going down a rabbit hole of information that may or may not be appropriate for your exam.

3. Test Yourself:

If you don’t measure it, you can’t monitor or measure it.

We use this phrase for weight loss clients all the time (maybe you’ve heard it). You don’t know how yo uare progressing towards a goal unless you measure it.

Beginners Guide To Revision Cheat Sheet

In relation to your revision and exam, you can measure your progress, your knowledge, and your exam-readiness by doing mock questions and completing cheat sheets at the end of every module. This will give you a great understanding of what you are doing well, what your weaker areas are and show you what to focus on next.

Make sure you measure your understanding after learning a new module or topic, and then again as you approach the end of your revision to check your understanding of all the content.

You can download hundreds of Free Mock questions here:

Fitness Exam Mock Questions free download

Follow this beginners Guide To Revision

Follow these three tips from our beginners guide to revising and you will get a handle on your revision instantly and be free to tackle your revision without overwhelm and frustration.

Drop a comment below and let us know which of these tips you will implement first, also check out the three points below in the P.S. to find more ways we can help you in your revision

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