5 tactics to overcome exam anxiety

5 Tactics to Overcome Exam Anxiety

 5 Tactics to Overcome Exam Anxiety

Restless legs, a churning stomach and gripping the book in your hand so tight that your knuckles turn white…

Your self-talk goes round in circles, thinking of worst-case scenarios and worrying about everything, replaying things over and over…

You try to crack a fake smile,

You try to find space to be alone,

At lunch you order food, but it barely touches your lips before that deep sicky feeling rises up…

Yep that’s anxiety

And if you have been feeling any of these things on the lead up to your exam… you might want to check out these 5 tactics to overcome exam anxiety. Implementing just one of these can be a massive game changer to reduce the anxious churning and create a moment of calm and control before the exam… making you more likely to pass.

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5 Tactics to Overcome Exam Anxiety

The 5 tactics are:

  1. Don’t listen to the negative:

    On the lead up to your exam, and on the morning of your exam… you will be surrounded by negativity from others. This is negativity that will send your anxiety into a tailspin.

    Its crucial that you don’t listen to any of these negative comments. Do anything you can to avoid these conversations of how little revision your friends are done. A simple method is to look at your phone, or go to the toilet, or simply change the subject to a more positive one.

  2. Meditate:

    If you haven’t meditated before, don’t panic… it doesn’t need to be all OMMMM and crossing legs.

    Anxiety is a mental apprehension and unease, that is usually caused by an accumulation of our thoughts and feeling (usually negative ones). Meditation is fantastic at helping us gain control of out thoughts and feelings and distancing ourselves from the things that make us so worried.

    If you are ready to give this tactic a go, then start with this 10 minute audio from Chele Hamilton of Meditation Mini’s: LISTEN NOW 

  3. Have an Exam Strategy:

    An exam strategy will you set you up for success and allow you to feel more control over your exam day experience. Anxiety usually comes from a feeling or failure and lack of control, so a strategy that offers structure and reassurance can help you have calm instantly.

    My favourite exam strategy for anxiety is the brain dump… practice this in advance of your exam and replicate it inside your exam to have a reassuring point of reference throughout.

    You can watch our video on brain dumps here: WATCH NOW

  4.  Normal Day:

    Keep your day as normal as possible. Routine gives you a sense of control, so you want to keep as much of your normal routine as possible.

    Avoid the temptation to eat something different, do more exercise, skip breakfast, have more coffee… keep it as normal as possible.

    This will instantly make you feel more in control and limit the anxiety from getting any worse 🙂

  5. The Paper and Pen:

    A good nights sleep is the perfect antidote to feeling anxious. But it can be hard to sleep whilst you have revision notes and “to-dos” running through your mind.

    Lying awake, trying to tell yourself to remember to pack your water bottle, or to remember key facts about a muscle, that at 2 am feels soooo important.

    Grab yourself a pen and paper and put it next to your bed- if you wake up in the night, jot down your thoughts and go straight back to sleep. This will stop the incessant runaway train in your mind, and help you get some sleep before your exam.

I’d love to hear from you – drop a comment below…

“how are you managing your anxiety right now?”

If you are feeling anxious and underconfident, then you will probably like this next video teaching you 3 steps to feel more confident on exam day >> WATCH NOW 

Thank you for watching – See you on the next video

Regards Hayley

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