10 things you need to pass your anatomy exam

10 Things You Need To Pass Your Anatomy Exam

These ten things you see listed?

They’re literally all you need to pass your anatomy exam with TOP MARKS.

10 Things You Need To Pass Your Anatomy Exam


  1. Support
  2. Revision Strategy
  3. Exam Strategy
  4. Belief
  5. Daily Actions
  6. COnsistency
  7. Time
  8. Patience
  9. Coffee
  10. Chocolate

(Okay, maybe 9 & 10 aren’t “needs” for everyone, but they are for me, lol)

Pretty simple though, right?


That’s how it should be.

Choose to focus on what’s most important for getting results and disregard the stuff that’s not…

Like eliminating specific revision habits like, scrolling YouTube videos, reading crazy complicated blogs that don’t really work, etc… …

And it’ll be a gigantic step in the right direction!

Reason being, once the basics are set, you can put most of your efforts toward building habits & implementing revision strategies that make revising simpler for YOUR life.

For example…

You need to have a revision strategy… That doesn’t mean there’s only one way to revise,

Reading the manual is essential for learning…

But not everything always sticks, using a new way to revise is essential – video, audio, live tutorials, and group/tutor accountability to actually do what you said you would do!

The Bottom Line:

There’s always going to be days you don’t feel like revising, and that’s OK!

It’s how you get back on track the next day and get going strong again!

Don’t get caught up in the panic, overwhelm and frustration of trying to learn on your own,

You’re not looking to learn the entire course in one revision session ❌
You’re looking to be confident for a long-term solution of passing your fitness final exam ✅

Remember 🧠 —> HOW you revise matters a lot more than how quickly you can learn it from hundreds of different places online and offline.

Just FOCUS on one fool-proofed approach that works!

Your revision goal should be building a plan that makes revising simple and enjoyable.

And I invite you to join us on the L2/L3 A&P Revision Masterclass that starts tomorrow – the doors close tonight at 12 midnight.

4-Week Anatomy Revision Masterclass is back by demand!

The thing that is really exciting about our revision masterclass is…

It includes everything that YOU really need…

✔️ Support,
✔️ Accountability and
✔️ Belief…

and that’s why the masterclass gets such a fantastic result every time 🙂

Over 4-weeks we will break down all the complex topics you don’t yet know and make sure you are 100% confident to walk into your exam and pass with TOP MARKS.

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