Why you are not getting results: Personal Trainer Exams

Why you are not getting results: Personal Trainer Exams

Have your Personal Trainer exams got you saying any of these …?

“I don’t get it”
“It’s not sinking in”
“I’m rubbish at revision”
“I’ll never remember this”
“I’m just gunna give up”
“There’s no point trying”
“I’m too old to learn”
“I just can’t find the time”
“I’m too busy”
“It takes me longer than everyone else”
“It’s been too long since my course”
“I’ve already failed”

Or maybe you have failed once, and cant brings yourself to go through it again.

There is a simple solution to this feeling, a simple solution to getting better results.

And no, that solution is not just about getting your head down.

In this video, I share a full proof formula for getting results in your Personal Trainer Exam, in your fitness career, in your first interview … whatever.

One thing I need you to promise me though … before we start

Just because its simple, doesn’t mean its too good to be true- it really works so don’t ignore it.

Why you are not getting results: Personal Trainer Exams

There are two parts to the formula

Part 1: Belief

If you don’t believe that you can do it- or don’t believe it can be done … then you will never do it, you will never pass your personal trainer exam.

You need to be able to see the end outcome, you need to be able to imagine yourself as the Personal Trainer, as the coach or as the Pilates or Yoga Instructor. If you cant imagine the end outcome then you probably don’t believe it will come true.

Part 2: Persistence

This is where the “work” comes in.

You need to do the work daily.

You need to decide that you won’t give up.

You need to know you won’t put it off.

Persistence appears in many guises – the learner that has failed multiple times but keeps coming back, the learner that re-reads the same paragraph until they get it, the learner that is relentless in learning and scheduling time to learn… the personal trainer that doesn’t take no for an answer, the wannabe PT that keeps attending interviews, the yoga teacher that insists on good form… Persistence, however you see it – it is relentless, hard-working and never giving up.

The Formula

These two parts have a unique relationship with each other to influence results.

Belief multiplied by Persistence = Results.

yep, you got it – it’s not good enough to just have one of them … you need both.

And the more of each you have the better you can guarantee results.

Here’s how to work out your score

Rate your Belief on a scale of 1-10 (10 being 100% you believe this will happen).

Then Rate your Persistence on a scale of 1-10 (10 being absolute relentlessly doing the work)

Then multiply these two numbers together – and you will find out how likely you are to get results…

What is your score? Comment below this post to tell us what your score is.

for example:

Mary is working her but off, doing everything right, but she does not believe she will pass. Her score looks like this… belief = 1; persistence = 10.

B x P = Results

1 x 10 = 10 (out of a possible 100)

If Marys is doing this results formula about her Personal Trainer exam, then there is only a 10% chance she will pass her exam 🙁

How to get better results

What result did you get?

Whatever the results are – there are two simple factors to improve your personal trainer exam results:

  1. Increase the belief – borrow belief from a friend or a coach, get guidance, get support…
  2. Increase the persistence  – change how you are studying, increase the revision, learn smarter…

Add to your comment below – how will you make your results better – what do you need more (or less) of?

How can I increase both?

Our Anatomy Masterclass is designed to accelerate your belief in yourself, and give you the tools and structure to increase your persistence.

Check out our Masterclass – it really is like nothing else. >> HERE <<

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