Why are some people confident all the time? Become a confident coach

Have you ever wondered why some people are confident all the time, but others never feel confident?

If you have ever felt under-confident as a personal trainer, as a learner, as a coach, as a fitness professional.. or just as a human… then keep on reading.

Watch the video to hear my story and how to feel confident all the time:

How I felt earth shatteringly under-confident on my first gym session, and doubted that i would ever make it in the industry. Well that was 12 years ago… and i must have done something right because I’m still here in the fitness industry, and more confident than i ever could imagine.

Learners often say “it’s ok for you, your confident”. I cant stress enough, I am not a naturally confident person. I had to learn it. And even then i dont feel confident all the time, I just learned how to turn on the confidence to do things I need or want to do.

And you can learn it too…

But you don’t want to wait 12 years before you feel confident all the time

You don’t want to wait to feel confident in:

  • Setting goals for the client,
  • Translating the anatomy theory into plans that get results,
  • Standing in front of a group,
  • Introducing yourself to other people,
  • Asking for the sale,
  • Doing new things and taking on new challenges,
  • Influencing your clients to change habits,
  • Recognising the stumbling blocks that your client faces,
  • Coaching!

Waiting sucks. It took me years to painstakingly pick through skills and tools that will help me be a confident version of me when i need or want to be.

So, we have collapsed years of lessons into one day!

As an open and unashamed invite to our Coach In Confidence Workshop, hit the link below to learn the tools and the skills needed to feel confident.

This is the opportunity to put a stop to the numerous times that low confidence has stopped you from achieving more, becoming more, doing more. Hit the link to find out more

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Thank you for watching – See you on the next video

Regards Hayley

P.S. I look forward to training with you face-to-face on the workshop – hurry – there are only 5 places remaining (at time of filming)


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