What to do when you are bored of revision

What to do when you are bored of revision

In this episode of our FitPro Sessions podcast, you will find out what to do when you are bored of revision.

You’ll discover:

  • The danger of classifying all of your revision as “BORING”
  • How to mix up your revision and change your state
  • There are multiple ways to get to revise effectively.
  • How to reignite your anatomy revision so it’s not boring

We have helped thousands of FitPros master their revision and pass their exams with confidence,

even when they think they “suck at revising”, “can’t remember anything” or “find revision boring

With the correct outlook to your revision, and mixing up the mode of your studying,

you can turn a BORING revision session, into something that you look forward to.

Watch Episode 43 Revision Tutorial here:


0:30 Introduction to Episode 043 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast
1.00 The problem with using global headings for boring things
3:10 The definition of boredom
5:00 Changing the mode of your revision to mix it up
7:20 What’s the thing you find boring message us HERE
7:35 All roads lead to Rome
10:00 How to learn muscles and anatomy without it being boring
12:00 Find the method of revision that suits you
14:10 If you’re bored of revision change your state
16:30 There is no RIGHT way to revise
19:00 The revision temper tantrum
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Hayley “not so boring revision” Bergman

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