Parallel Coaching Elves - Merry Christmas - What Santa taught me

What Santa Has Taught Me…

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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Very quickly…

Who wins on the elf costume above!

Hayley or me!

On a serious note, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has trainer alongside us this year.

Wow, its been absolutely amazing i’m sure you’d agree.

The Milton Keynes Academy has been hustling big time.

With level 2 fitness instructor course, level 3 personal trainer course, level 3 exercise referral, level 4 obesity and diabetes, level 4 low back pain.

And not to mention some kick ass short CPD courses… kettlebells, adv bells, suspension training and our recent addition Success Potential [SP1].

All in all, the Parallel tribe is growing and its that’s down to you guys.

Pushing hard and becoming the best version of yourself you can be!


So as you sit down, relax and chill with family and friends today,

Think about how far you have come this year?

What’s you biggest achievement?

How proud of yourself are you?

Did you do what you set out to?


Where is your 2016 heading.

Am I on the right course…. the right heading….

See if Santa left the North Pole heading for Milton Keynes, he MUST DECIDE on his heading in advance.  He MUST DECIDE on the correct course before he leaves.


Well, if Santa left on the wrong heading, lets say by just 3 degrees.  He wont end up in Milton Keynes.

He’ll end up somewhere over Europe.

And this would mean… Neale dint get any pressies this year!

Seriously, You MUST DECIDE on the heading you want to take from today!

Who do you want to become…

What do you want to do, want achieve in 2016!

Once you have decided, YOU can COMMIT

Commit to taking daily action.

Commit to doing the work

Commit to doing what ever it takes.

Commit to completing your Fitness Career MISSION

After all, that’s exactly what Santa does every year, right!

Commits to serving everyone on the Christmas Eve.

Commits to doing the work everyday of the year to SERVE the world for one night only!


This Big Man in the North Pole, does the work!

EVERY DAMN YEAR… without fail.

And he gets to wear a groovy red suit.

So, DECIDE what 2016 brings, COMMIT to doing the work and then 2016 is all about EXECUTING your plan.

Actually doing the work.

Then you can sit down in 2016…. A year from today in a totally different place…

The place in your life, you career, your personal fitness… the list is endless.

So whilst everyone else is chilling…. scoffing turkey and drinking Bucks Fizz.

Just think…

Will I be sitting here, doing the same shit, day in day out…


Will I be somewhere else.

Having done the work

DECIDED today and COMMITTED 100%



High 5 Santa

You did teach me a key lesson.


Have an awesome day.

Merry Christmas from Hayley and I.

Neale ‘the ugly elf’ Bergman

PS. Let me know what your 2016 mission is; comment below



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