What is the Sliding Filament Theory

What Is The Sliding Filament Theory? The Post-it Demo

Sliding Fila… What?

Time to simplify things a little.

I often get asked about the Sliding Filament Theory; what is it, how does it actually work?

It sounds seriously complicated, and a lot of jargon words, but generally I find most people get the gist of what is going on during muscle contraction. They are just missing some perspective.

So I’ve made you a quick 5 minute video to chunk down the Sliding Filament Theory into the most simplest, jargon free description I possibly can.

In this video:

The Post it Note is the Sarcomere

Lined up they form a Muscle Fibre

The Pen represents the Motor Neuron.

If you are getting ready for your anatomy and physiology exam at Level 2 or Level 3 – this will help give some perspective to your studies!

What Is The Sliding Filament Theory?

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