What is the difference between Isometric and Isotonic?

What is the difference between Isometric and Isotonic?

These words look pretty similar which is why they can cause confusion on a multiple choice exam.

…but they are actually VERY different things!

What is the difference between Isometric and Isotonic?

Iso means “the same”… but that is the only thing that is THE SAME about these two words

Watch this 2 minute video to find out the difference:

Isometric means a muscle contraction that is the same length… like when you hold a plank or iso squat

Isotonic is a type of drink whereby the salt and sugar content are the same as the blood.

Be prepared:

If you are preparing for your level 3 anatomy and physiology exam at the moment, then be forewarned to expect similar looking and sounding words as multiple choice answers to choose from. It is really beneficial to practice mock questions like the one below; this will encourage you to read the questions (and possible answers) more carefully… and save you from the surprises on exam day.

Here’s a classic mock question that you might find on your Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology exam

Have a go and post your answer in the comments below (you can find the answer in the P.S.)

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The answer to this Mock Question is B = Isotonic

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