Level 3 exercise referral course

Level 3 Exercise Referral [What it is and how being qualified can get you more clients]

“Once I was qualified as a level 2 instructor I thought my fitpro career was full steam ahead.  I was sitting in gym office, about 4 weeks after I had graduated, adamant I would help as many people as possible.

I soon  discovered that almost every client induction had pretty much failed a PAR-Q! I would say 7 out of 10 were overweight to obese with nearly all presented some kind of clinical condition.  It wasn’t until I became qualified in level 3 exercise referral that I could train them, and wow… my client base soared, I was seen as an ‘EXPERT’ and offered a real unique twist on working as fitness pro.”

Here, Hayley shares [36 mins] the ‘In’s and Out’ to what Level 3 exercise referral is and how being qualified can attract more clients your way… and find your unique twist by becoming a expert for your clients.

Level 3 Exercise Referral: What it is and how being qualified can get you more clients!

What is Level 3 Exercise Referral

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