What are Type 1 muscle fibres?

What are Type 1 muscle fibres?

If you are struggling to remember the difference between Type 1 muscle fibres and Type 2 muscle fibres – this blog is for you.

We use a really neat acronym to help you remember the key features of Tye 1 muscle fibres

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It only takes one awkwardly worded question on your exam paper, totally throw you…. before you know it, you are doubting your answers and struggling to make a decision.

This quick trick will help you remember the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 muscle fibres – using a simple acronym

use the acronym ONE to remember the features of type 1 muscle fibres …

O = oxidative . it uses oxygen as fuel, it’s aerobic.

N = Network of capillaries. good blood flow and is red in colour.

E = Endurance. Can be active for a long time.

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