Understanding origins and insertions in one minute i

Understanding Origins and Insertions in one minute

Understanding Origins and Insertions in one minute

If you are struggling with understanding origins and insertions, and want to learn the basics quickly… you are in the right place

It is a challenge to fit it in one minute… but here goes

There are three facts you need to know in order to understand origins and insertions

1. What are origins and insertions?

They are attachment points where the muscle meets the bone via a tendon. Every Skeletal muscle must have at least 2 attachment points. One end there is an origin, the other end there is an insertion

2. Closest to the heart

Generally speaking, the attachment point closes to the heart is the origin, and the one furthest from the heart is the insertion.

To help remember this we use the HOJI formula… Heart- Origin- Joint -Insertion.

This works well for periphery muscles, like the biceps, However, there are some exceptions… for example the rectus abdominis.

The origin is at he pubis and the insertion is the xiphoid process and costal cartilages… so its kinda upside down.

3. The fixed point

A more universal term is to consider that the origin is the fixed point, it stays still. And the insertion is at the end that moves a lot.

Let’s go back to the rectus abdominis, if you do a sit up, your pubis stays still, and your ribs move towards it.

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