Understanding Joint Actions For Your Fitness Exam

Understanding Joint Actions For Your Fitness Exam

In this webclass, you’ll learn the Joint Actions that you will be expected to know as part of your level 2 and level 3 Anatomy and Physiology exam. You can expect between 5 and 8 questions relating to this in your Level 2 and Level 3 Anatomy exam.

Understand the names of major joint actions,  physically do the exercises with me and remember the joint actions ready for your upcoming exams with simple “memory hacks”.

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Banging your head against the desk was not part of the course or revision plan.  Rewrite your revision plan, ditch the manual for the time being and leap inside this section taken from Module 4 of hte Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology Revision Mastery Bootcamp.

Video Time: 7:30-mins: Press play, pause, rewind & fast forwards, bring the classroom to you!

Fitness Exam Revision: Joint Actions…

This video, is a snippet from Module 4 (1 hour in total) of our Revision Mastery Bootcamp. If you would like to access all 8 video tutorials then click the red button below to sign up:



[This IS NOT another course with more exams – it’s designed to HELP you pass the Level 2 Fitness course you’re already enrolled on]

It is the fastest way to accelerate your learning and revision is to check out the Revision Mastery Bootcamps. These give you EVERYTHING you need to learn, revise and pass your fitness exams.

Each bootcamp has multiple HD video tutorials that break down your entire course manual and exam into the relevant modules, making learning structured and guided to exactly what you must know ready for your exam.

L2 Anatomy and Physiology Revision Mastery Bootcamp

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