There has to be a better way… Jumpstart Your Fitness Career

There has to be a better way... Jumpstart Your Fitness Career Jo was feeling lost.

Living a double life of Work 9-5 like a zombie, and then coming alive at the gym.

Without knowing exactly where she wanted to get to, she struggled with what to say and how to express what she wanted most; as a result she was losing confidence fast.

“There has to be a better way”

How do you ask for help when you don’t know what you want?​

9/10 people kick starting in fitness has that little voice in their head that tells them why they shouldn’t be making a career change or shouldn’t be progressing themselves to the next level.

The voice that destroys self confidence,

Makes you feel like you’re being selfish,

The voice that questions whether you are doing the right thing.

The trouble comes when you find yourself alone with this little voice for a while…

Before you know it you have totally persuaded yourself changing, or “staying as you are for a bit longer”.

The way to break-free from the little voice in your head, is to chat to someone else, someone that has been there and done it, someone that know the fitness industry and someone that understand where you are at.

We have calls like this every week, answering questions and being a soundboard for fitness career change questions.

These are the top 3 Questions we get asked in our Jumpstart Calls:

These questions have come from people just like you, people that are thinking of a career change, but not sure whether fitness is for them, not sure if it is a good decision, and generally low on decision making confidence…

Q1: Is anyone else choosing to start in fitness, for the same reason I am?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the guys and girls on your course will have very similar reasons for becoming a personal trainer. Jump-starting a career in fitness, is the foundation blocks, so everyone will be in the same place as you – with no previous fitness qualification, but a searing passion for all things health and fitness.

Some people jump start a career as a way of escaping a job they hate, a job they used to love but have grown out of, or maybe even been made redundant. Some jump-starters are mums, ready to pursue a career of their own now the children are older. Some Jump-starters are retired after a long career, and ready to make a difference as a fitpro. And others are straight out of college, ready to start their career for the first time.

Q2: How will I feel during the course?

Here’s what Jo said:

After speaking to Hayley, I was all the more excited about the possibility of being a fitpro. My confidence and self belief climbed every day, every week. I absolutely loved every moment of my course, I made friends for life, and I have never felt so empowered by my own ability. Whenever I got nervous or the doubt crept in, I would just call Hayley and Neale, and find myself straight back on target again. It really has changed my life in more ways than just a qualification. I can’t imagine where I would be if I had given into the voice in my head telling me to settle for less.”

Jo, after her course –

Q3: What will I do once I graduate?

You get a lot of guidance from The Parallel Coaching team throughout your journey, and after graduating. Everyone imagines themselves doing different things.

Some work as Freelance PTs in club, others become fitness instructors, or set up their own training company at home, some work from the local park, running classes or working one-to-one.

Throughout your journey you will have plenty of time to dial into your first steps upon graduating. The biggest thing to highlight is that your first client will not be your First client… you will train all of your other classmates, and work with a case-study, so you will have tons of experience at training clients before you even get your “first client”

What will a Jumpstart do?

As you enter the fitness industry, you must have a wide foundation so you can use this as a launch pad for your entire career.

The Jumpstart programmes, do exactly that… and are made up of our ‘3 C’S’:

 Confidence   –   Competence   –   Credibility

Your Jumpstart journey dials into each one of these 3 C’s, so you can be the best fitness coach you can be.

It all starts with building confidence that you can “do this”, confidence to study, confidence that you are able to create a career you love that also pays, confidence in your own ability.

Competence represents the knowledge that you hold. Learning can be daunting, especially if it has been a while since you were last in the classroom, but when learning is broken down into simple steps; it is surprising how easy it can be. This is not just about knowing information but feeling competent to use it yourself and with clients, competent that you hold the solution.

Credibility is essential, not only as a fundamental pillar for your confidence but also as a means of making fitness your profession. Having recognized qualifications that set you apart and back-up your confidence and competence.

From this base you may chose to make fitness your profession and become a Personal Trainer; or you may chose to dial into your specialism as a health change expert.

Before you can see yourself as an expert or even a professional in fitness, you need to focus on the foundations so you have a spring board. A place where you can build your confidence, build your knowledge and build your credibility without feeling overwhelmed or under pressure.

A Jumpstart call is the best place to start.

You get to speak to a member of the Parallel Team and ask  questions, sound board any thoughts you or worries you have. You can even plan your next step and choose the best way to Jumpstart your Fitness Career.

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Looking forward to speaking with you on the phone shortly,

Warmest Regards

Hayley “The Fitness Career Jumpstarter” Bergman

P.S. If you are feeling hesitant, then the call is absolutly designed for you. Make a booking, I’ll call you back and chat.



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