The last minute revision cram, deadlines and zombies

Today is all about Deadlines and Zombies! << sounds crazy but keep reading, especially if you are prone to the last minute revision cram

We all have deadlines (especially if your exam is this weekend) but are they really helpful, and does a last minute revision cram benefit us?

There’s something about a fast approaching exam or essay hand in date, that is super focusing, regardless of how tired you are or overwhelmed or stressed out… suddenly you find a deep source of energy and BOOM you’re wide awake.

But there is a down side to deadlines…. it turns us into learning zombies, I so often hear that people have done hardly any revsision or learning on the months leading towards their exam… becuase they “didnt have time” or “didnt get around to it”! But really they are holding on for the last minute buzz, the thrill, the adrenaline kick that comes from the last minute revision cram and panic.

I call them learning zombies, they lurk in the darkness during the daylight hours, not doing their learning early on; usually, because they fear the light will expose the truth of not knowing the answers.
THEN it gets dark, the deadline is approaching, and they all come out of crevices you didn’t even know where there. They are everywhere, savagely ripping through the manual and haphazardly fumbling through the minimum revision needed, just to get their fix.

Needless to say no-one wants to be a learning zombie – but they are out there! In fact you might be one of them. Not opening your books until a day or so before the exam, and then the last minute revision cram all in the last two days.

…and not just with learning or studying, but with weight loss before a holiday, with fitness before a race…

You’ll see this in your clients, you’ll see it in your friends, you’ll see it in yourself!

But unlike a zombie movie – you can actually come back from being a learning zombie – it’s curable.

The Learning Zombie Cure:

1. STOP! check yourself and realize that you are in fact being a zombie right now!

As soon as you recognize it you are halfway there. Notice where else in your life are you being a zombie (leaving it to the last minute) and telling yourself its a habit, its who you are or its a good thing!

2. Now list out all the reasons why you should stop being a learning zombie – where is it destroying your life? where is it limiting your potential? how would your career/ family life be better?

3. Then it is time to set a DEADLINE and work towards it step by step, fighting that inner zombie!

So when is your exam? race? weigh-in? assessment day?

4. Then plan what you will do between then and now to make sure you do the work in the daylight – where you can see your flaws and change it! What will you do in thee months not days leading up to your deadline?

You are cured – all you gotta do is stick to it, be mindful of moments when you go back to zombie mode.

Once you complete these steps, comment below,  are a Learning Zombie??

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