The First Step towards a Personal Trainer Career

21 day challenge about us optinHeading back to the classroom, and enrolling in PT school can be scary. There are many questions to explore when taking your first steps to a new Personal Trainer  career and supercharging your love for the gym into your profession. These questions include: choosing the right course, setting time aside in an already busy schedule, factoring in tuition fees and managing your finances, as you make the first steps towards change.  Upon answering these questions you gain so much momentum and excitement for your new career that you become what I call an IDWIT (I’ll do whatever it takes); with your new found confidence taking on lots of new challenges.

Michelle teaching Angelo on her first day towards a new Personal Trainer Career - on Level 3 Master Personal Trainer Diploma Last weekend, 10 new supercharged guys and girls stepped up to their next challenge, day 1 of their Personal Trainer course in Milton Keynes.   Most knew at least one other in the group and had already met the lead tutor as they completed Level 2 Fitness Instructor together which meant they had a friend, someone to sit next to immediately and chat about their training straight away.   This means you kick start day one without those ‘first day at school’ nerves.  Ditching those first day at school nerves means your preparation for the course is totally different.  Your drive into the venue is relaxed, your food selection is perfect, you stroll into the venue with your chest held high, shoulders relaxed feeling in control and finally with a big smile.  Now you can truly drop your bag, kick off your shoes and fit in immediately.

You’re obviously attending PT school to learn and take the first steps in your new Personal Trainer career, and, the course goes much deeper than that. Building a relationship, rapport and interest with others on the course, as well as getting excited to chat training is just as important as exploring say, periodisation.  Being a personal trainer means you have to approach new people every day, build relationships and be excited over training all the time.  So practicing these skills on course means you kick start your new personal trainer career on the right step.

By the end of the personal trainer weekend one in Milton Keynes all 10 had been out for a meal on the Saturday night, they had built the most amazing rapport, found a training buddy, an accountability partner to help with studies but more so, real lifelong friendships. 21day challnge + whiteSee building your ideal career is just about taking that first step, exploring the initial questions of, what you want, how, where and when etc etc; We answer these questions in your 21 day fitness career challenge, so make sure you sign up for free now.

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