The Best Training Split Vs The Best Revision Split

In today’s blog, you’ll learn how to create the best revision split so you can get organized and pass your exam with confidence. You’ll see that a revision split is just the same as creating an effective training split in the gym

You’ll discover:

  • Why FITPROs overcomplicate training and revision
  • The key to creating The Best Revision Split
  • Why you keep changing your revision
  • How to learn and set your revision schedule

Why FITPROs overcomplicate training and revision

Truth be told, many FITPROS  love to overcomplicate revision. Just like they overcomplicate their training.

I’m sorry but it’s true. The worst thing you could do is jump from one revision approach to another 

Just like many FITPROs jump from one training approach to another.
The most important aspect when creating and figuring out a way to revise is.

What’s actually is going to keep you doing it every single week.

The key to creating The Best Revision Split

The key to creating the most effective revision split is the just the same as creating the most effective training split,

and it’s really easy, but you won’t like it

It is simplicity.

What is simple can be made harder, 

Let’s look at it from a training perspective… Let’s take a Back Squat

The Back Squat is arguably the #no.1 of lower body exercises?


and it can be applied for years and years on your programming.

What changes? 

The intensity changes – aka. Progressive Overload.

Which in essence is the ability to stick to a routine for a long enough period of time to see a change.

If you don’t change the intensity and progress over time you won’t change.

“So you must stick the course and follow a structured routine”.

^^^Read that again as it applies to your revision. 

Why you keep changing your revision

If you don’t follow a clear and structured routine then your training and revision flop because you don’t have a logical progressive overload. 

The main reason you keep changing your revision routine is…

  • You have no clear direction. 
  • And go into the week with no real plan
  • Or you aim to revise but something crops ups. And you only get one short revision stint in.

and so you keep changing your revision routine in search of what works… 

only to find nothing really works?

How to Fit Your Revision Around Your Lifestyle

Your revision split needs to be monitored and managed to fit your lifestyle.

Don’t fit your life around your revision, your life is more important, fit your revision into your life. 

I can teach you how to do that.

I’ve taught thousands of trainee FITPROs.

Inside every Revision Bootcamp I’ll give you a weekly revision planner and 4 and 8-week revision schedule.

So you can fit revision into your life once and for all.

Meaning you can stick to one revision approach which progresses you weekly.

There’s no more guessing what to revise or when.

Each Revision Bootcamp has all the content you need to learn, revise and pass, Confidently with TOP MARKS.

Let me teach you in-depth of exactly what you have to do to get amazing exam results. 

Yet in the most simplest way possible.

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