the best fitness articles for your week ahead

The Best Fitness Articles For Your Week Ahead

the best fitness articles for your week ahead Check out our list of the top fitness articles from around the web in 7 different categories: general health, career change, nutrition, fat loss, exam revision and personal training.

Which means we got your learning covered for the week ahead.

Maybe you are sitting on the side lines, thinking about kick-starting a career in fitness or maybe you are a fully fledged personal trainer that has an active client base and are looking to progress your knowledge.  Either way, use the 19 fitness articles below to supercharge your knowledge and take yourself to the next level… regardless of where you are in your fitness journey.

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This Week’s Top Fitness Article

Programming Cardio to Support Muscle & Strength Development

By Marc Lewis

Here’s What You Need To Know…

Five tips to assist you in programming cardio into your training program, while supporting your muscle gains. If used incorrectly, cardio can kill your gains, drain your energy, and send you home wondering what happened to your strength. However, if used correctly cardio can help you feel and look better, while allowing you to push your muscular limits.  Marc Lewis sets out a great introduction and sets the scene before dropping 5 clear cut tips for programming cardio.  Whether you are applying this to your own training or to a clients, remain mindful how you balance cardio and strength objectives together!

General Health

How To Weight Train Without Getting Hurt by Bryan Krahn

Training Clients Around Pain: A Guide For Personal Trainers By Will

7 Rules For Lightning-Fast Recovery By Jeanine Detz.

Career Change

3 Reasons Why Starting In A Gym Will Set Solid Foundations… Without the Worry of “Am I Doing The Right Thing?” By Neale Bergman. Parallel Coaching

How to get a job in health and fitness – live chat By Charlotte Seager. Guardian Careers. The Careers Blog

Becoming “in” By Johnny Burgess.  From builder to Personal Trainer


Scientists who found gluten sensitivity evidence have now shown it doesn’t exist By Jennifer Welsh. Business Insider

Why You Should Eat Avocados Every Day (If You Aren’t Already!) By Dr. Frank Lipman. Mind Body Green

29 Ways To Eat Vegetables That Are Actually Delicious By Carolyn Kylstra. Buzz Feed life

Fat Loss

8 Rules for Fat Loss Training By Andrew Heming. T-Nation

Why Fad Diets Work In The Short-Term, But Fail Miserably In The Long-Term  By Peter Fitschen, Healthy Living Heavy Lifting

The Ultimate Hunger & Satiety Guide: The KEY to Getting Lean  By Propane Fitness

Personal Training

Personal Trainer Gains Weight On Purpose To Understand Clients Struggle By Victoria Butler

Foot Matters By Sheila Rose. Happy Owl Fitness

8 Deadlift Technique Hacks – Step By Step Guide By Neale Bergman. Parallel Coaching

Exam Revision

Exam Day Memory Lapse Cure – The Skeletal System By Neale Bergman. Parallel Coaching

Anatomy Quiz – Muscles of the Leg By Hayley Bergman. Parallel Coaching

Anatomy Quiz [Understanding the Respiratory System] By Neale Bergman. Parallel Coaching

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Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey; these 19 fitness articles, will keep you progressing forward, so make sure you are scheduling in some time to sit and read and get reading!

And then leave a comment below; which is your favorite from all of the Fitness Articles this week.

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Neale “The Fitness Articles Collector” Bergman

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