3 keys to become a personal trainer

The 3 Keys to Become a Personal Trainer

This blog will explore the 3 Keys to become a personal trainer and discuss the skills required to be outstanding as a PT and confident in your knowledge.

You’ll discover:

  • What does it take to become a Personal Trainer
  • The 3 Keys to becoming a personal trainer
  • How to get 3 essential skills of an outstanding PT
  • Why choosing the best PT course for you is important
  • Questions re: How to Become a Personal Trainer
  • Become a confident and knowledgeable Personal Trainer

What does it take to become a Personal Trainer?

The question should be rephrased to… “What does it take to be an Outstanding Personal Trainer”

You see,

Getting certified is a key part of making sure you hit the standards but it isn’t everything.

For example, Do you know a Doctor?

One you would recommend to a friend, one you trust, that is outstanding at his Job?

This Doctor is not just qualified he has a deeper understanding, a confidence and belief in his ability, and a fundamental empathy to build a relationship.

Having said that, you have probably met a few Doctors that are equally qualified but didn’t have the same edge.

Well Personal Training is the same...

It is not just about getting qualified…

It’s about Becoming a Personal Trainer that is outstanding, that is set apart from the others.

There is a simple formula for becoming a Outstanding Personal Trainer…

The 3 Keys to becoming a personal trainer

The 3 Keys to Become a Personal Trainer, are fundamentally the 3 skills and attributes that every Personal Trainer must have if they want to be Outstanding at what they do

We have been using this formula for over 10 years to help thousands of PTs get started and expand their careers.

Over the years we noticed that a all 3 of these KEYS are required to really make it as a Personal trainer, get outstanding client results and feel confident so you can take immediate action.

Key 1: Competence

Skill, knowledge and understanding

The world of Personal Training is evolving, and Competence is key to survival.

It is not just about swallowing a book though…

It’s about getting a result with your client

Being competent at getting the desired result

Many training Providers will teach you what you need to know to pass your exams and hand in a portfolio, but every year thousands of newly qualified personal trainers, leave their course with no PRACTICAL knowledge of how to get a result with a client.

That’s why we use a mix of attendance days and custom built homestudy modules to TEACH you a strategy that you can pick up and apply to any client straight away.

We teach you HOW to get a result with a client by linking the anatomy and physiology knowledge to planning and scientific principles.

Then we simplify the information and get you to practice the strategy with multiple clients and different goals, before you qualify. This means you leave the course able to competently get a result with a client … no guessing.

Key 2: Confidence

All of the competence and knowledge can mean nothing unless you are confident.

Unless you truly believe that you will get results with your clients, and that you can help them.

Our Personal Trainer Course is unique, although it gives you all of the knowledge you need to build the foundations, it is the environment and set up that allows you to build confidence too.

Think about an exercise class you enjoy,

I bet that instructor helped you feel confident in your ability, set a “good vibe” to the room, and encouraged you to regardless of how “fit” you were at the start, or how uncoordinated you were on the new moves.

You see, confidence is based on self -efficacy…

You need to have evidence that you have achieved great results in the past …

In order to believe it works, you need to have had a positive experience where you got results.

In our Personal Trainer Course, you leave the course having already trained at least 10 other people on the course and at least one real client.

You will have already had results with clients in the classroom and out-in-the-real world, all before you receive the certificate.

[NOTE: Enrolment is now open for our next Personal Trainer Course]

This experience is golden, it means that when you sit down with your first client, you can be confident that you get the results you are promising.

Key 3: Credibility

So, I know I said it’s not just about the qualification,

However, you do need proof that you are qualified

It is not just a case of having a certificate to cover insurance, it’s about credibility.

In any career or business you want to be known as credible, reliable and trustworthy.

You can get a certificate that has Personal Trainer written on it, via an online course for less than one hundred pounds. However, these certificates are not certified by a recognized awarding body, which means that it won’t be recognized by insurances or employers. They lack credibility.

At Parallel Coaching, our PT course is accredited by Active IQ which is CIMSPA/REPs endorsed and is recognized internationally as one of the leading awarding bodies for fitness and health.

Credibility is built as a result of the other two Keys, and when combined you dont just become a personal trainer, you become a formidable personal trainer.

Someone that is trusted, respected and that gets results.

I was talking to one of our latest graduates, Jo.

In fact, she still has two weeks to go until fully qualified, and she is already picking up clients and getting results.

She isn’t succeeding because she has a great network of friends or because she has more time than others, she just has all 3 Keys. She is outstanding and well trusted, she is confident in her ability (based on real results), and she knows how to get results in her niche.

If I think back, 10 weeks when she first enrolled, Jo was nervous, and worried that the knowledge wouldn’t stick in her brain, or that she would pass exams. She was asking lots of questions about whether it would work or not. I look at her now, and none of those worries are there.

What she has achieved is amazing and awe-inspiring … but she is not the only one…

If you want to become a personal trainer, then  you can find out more and Become an Outstanding Personal Trainer by clicking here –>  CLICK HERE

Become a personal trainer and change career with Parallel Coaching

Questions about how to become a personal trainer:

It’s great that you have questions, these are the top 4 questions we get asked about becoming a personal trainer

i) what resources do you need? you don’t need any previous qualifications or coaching experience, but you do need to love fitness and coaching others. You don’t need any resources, as we’ll send you your physical manual and online learning tools. Plus we’ll give you everything we know when we see you in the classroom.

ii) how much will the course cost you? We have three variations of our Personal Trainer Course, varying from £499 to £1699. You can pay in one lump sum, or you can enroll immediately with a £100 deposit, and spread the remaining course fees (with 0% interest) over a maximum of 12 months.

iii) how much time do you need? Expect to be graduated within 3 months of starting (dependent on your attendance days). There are 10 attendance days in our L2/L3 PT Kickstarter Package held in Milton Keynes (mostly on weekends, with 2 Fridays). In between your attendance days, you will need to do home-study which should take no longer than 3-5 hours per week. It is designed to be achievable alongside a busy life and a full-time job.

iv) when is the next course? You can check the latest dates and availability of our PT courses by clicking the link below. You can also book a call with me to discuss any questions you have.

Become a Confident and Knowledgeable Personal Trainer in as little as 12 weeks 

Discover how 2000+ Personal Trainers have learned and qualified as part of the Parallel Coaching Family

Our courses are flexible and interactive, where you’ll be in the classroom and online with us supporting every step of the way.  

Our tutors offer you extensive support throughout your course with 24/7 contact.

Gain the latest knowledge and STAND out with the scientifically proven training approaches, based on evidence-based research.

0% payment plans to help you spread the cost of study.

You’ll qualify with an Active IQ qualification allowing you to work in the UK and Internationally.

Our industry-leading Personal Training Courses give you the knowledge and expertise needed to rise above your competition and guarantee you to either fully change career or train clients part-time.


We have three routes you can take, wit hour most popular being our L2/L3 PT Kickstarter programme, taking an average of 12 weeks to complete.

I invite you to read more here:


Become a personal trainer and change career with Parallel Coaching

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