Should a Personal Trainer Have an "Ideal Client"

Should a Personal Trainer Have an “Ideal Client”

If you are just starting out as a Personal Trainer, and in the initial stages of  gathering your ideas together, approaching prospective clients, and scratching your head about the nuts and bolts of getting clients, then today’s video is going to help you massively on your next step.

In our Closed Facebook Group, we got asked a fantastic question from Sam; “Should a Personal Trainer Have an “Ideal Client”, or Work With Everyone”?

We could speak about this all day long, but refrained ourselves to just 30 mins of useful content;

Check out the video below to find out:

Should a Personal Trainer Have an “Ideal Client”?

Why being specific makes marketing simpler and more targeted, 

Deciding who to work with,

How to become the specialist and stop being a generalist…

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