Shifting From The Dark Side: My Journey

Shifting from the dark side: my journey

It was such an apt time and place for these messages.

I got back home to literally dozens!

From people sharing their most vulnerable stories.

Stories of how far they have come and the Epiphany moment that made them shift.

Shifting From The Dark Side to who they have become today!

All this was inside the Parallel Student Zone on FB.

I love it, a safe place to ask questions and explore ideas without judgement or criticism.

It was such an apt time and place for these messages.

I had just got back from my final session with my coach in 2015.

& what a session it was, I’ve not seen him for four weeks now and had so much to share.

You may think my coach is all about business, far from it.. In fact,

He’s an “Holistic Doctor”, having practiced as a GP for 20 years or so, he now focuses on searching within for the answers.

It’s a space where I can be super vulnerable and truly open up.

Just like the student zone and now here!

Shifting from the dark side: my journey Join the student zone

It allows me to focus on mindfulness and be more in the ‘Now’ and not focus on the past or too much on the future.

This means when I come to think, talk and plan for my future I can do so with enormous amounts of clarity.

And get rid of that annoying voice that lives in my head once and for all!

[do you have that annoying voice in your head too?]

When I tell people about my coach, they are often surprised.

See, we all have a back story, demons that haunt us and fears that turn up again and again like an annoying itch we just cant scratch.

For me, I noticed a trend and this blew up in 2015.

All my life I have spent time, energy, effort and money to build the very thing I want most.

And then… I did the only thing I knew and that was…

To burn the hole thing right down to the ground!

I’ve built and burnt literally dozens of times in my life…

Leading to immense amounts of stress, exhaustion and overwhelm.

I tried many times to sedate this crappy trend but nothing really worked.

I just kept burning, and believe me I became a master at burning shit down.

Getting more stress, tight chested, panic, fear, overwhelm, anxiety until one day.

Hayley picks me up and drags me to the guy I now call my friend —> Mr Holistic Coach.

I now practice, being mindful all the time, I meditate daily, read more, and in general, approach the day moment by moment.

I have a strategy.  A strategy that allows me to dominate and only build; Shifting From The Dark Side .

Since working with Mr Holistic, I’ve built and built and built and built…

Notice, No BURNING…

I’ve built from within, in my relationships, my knowledge, my businesses, my body and my connections with others.

In fact I feel more balanced now than ever before, and 2016 is just around the corner.

A year of building only…

The work is not yet done…

Like one of the comments in the student zone wisely said,

“I’m not saying my journey has ended, I don’t think it ever does”

All we can do is,

Decide and commit to be the best version of ourselves right now and never stop executing it.

In order to truly grow you need to look within and have a safe environment to do this. For me I love seeing this all take place in the student zone… follow the link below if you’re not yet in there and join us all.

Looking forward to seeing you in there.

Until tomorrow, take care


PS. It any of the above resonates, JOIN ME in the Student Zone and lets chat.

Shifting from the dark side: my journey - careful about what you say



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