How to revise for the level 3 anatomy and physiology exam whilst in a full time job

How To Revise For The Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Exam Whilst In a Full-time Job

In today’s blog, I’m going to share the three tips to revise for your Level 3 anatomy and physiology exam whilst in a full-time job.

You’ll discover:

  • It is possible to revise even if you are busy with a fulltime job
  • Three tips to manage your revision time around your work
  • How to make the most of your revision time
  • Three mock questions to test your knowledge
  • More help with your level 3 anatomy and physiology revision

Before I share the three tips for revising around a full-time job, let’s explore the question you’re probably asking about whether it is even possible to revise enough whilst in a full-time job

Is it possible to revise with a full-time job?

In short, Yes

It is definitely achievable to balance a full-time job and revision for your Level 3 anatomy and physiology exam.

Over the 10+ years, I have been tutoring and assessing fitness courses, I have noticed a surprising trend

Often, a busy person revises SMARTER than someone who has endless hours

So, if you are wondering how you are going to manage with a full-time job, family commitments, overtime at work, your own training etc

Having less time to revise doesn’t mean it is not possible, it just means you need to revise SMART and make the most of the time you do have

3 Revision Tips to revise smart even with a fulltime job

Tip 1: Plan in advance

If you are busy working a fulltime job, and probably jugging family, social life, and your own fitness, then the thought of adding revision to that can be overwhelming.

There is a lot of moving parts in your day, so if you don’t plan ahead it is likely that at least one thing will get dropped… and we don’t want that to be your revision

So, plan your week in advance, by physically scheduling your week using a physical diary, your phone or a bit of paper:

  • block out the hours you are at work,
  • factor in your workout,
  • your commute,
  • your evening meals
  • your family time

Then look for spaces where you can SCHEDULE your revision

This could be the first thing in the morning, or in your lunch break, or when you get home from work.

Write down WHEN you will study, WHAT you will study, HOW will you study

Planning your week in advance will be invaluable

You can grab our weekly revision planner template, free inside our Parallel Coaching Academy Login by clicking this link:

Tip 2: Double up your time

If you’ve done the task above, of mapping out your day, then you may have noticed you don’t have much time to sit and revise at a desk,

but you do have things in your day whereby you are busy doing things, but you’re not really needing to focus on that thing mentally; things like:

  • walking the dog
  • driving to work
  • running
  • waiting for the bus
  • cleaning the house

They are important parts of your day, so you don’t want to give them up (or you can’t give them up)

But you could revise by listening to clear and structured MP3 audio downloads

This way you can listen and learn during times of the day, when you never even thought you’d have time to study.

This is why we include MP3 downloadable versions of each tutorial within our Revision Mastery Bootcamp. This means you can learn all 8 modules of your Level 3 anatomy and physiology exam, whilst walking, driving and cleaning

This strategy can easily DOUBLE your available revision time

Tip 3: Small chunks every day

Don’t underestimate small revision sessions

You might not be able to find time to sit down and study for 8 hours continual, whilst juggling revision alongside your fulltime job, but you will have small chunks of time available.

Taking small daily action, of 10-15 mins of study will help you keep momentum in your studies

These could be:

  • Learning just one muscle for 10 mins per day
  • Looking at your notes when on a toilet break
  • Doing 20 mins of a video tutorial on your lunch break
  • Answering one mock question daily

We post a NEW mock question on our Facebook page every day at 1030am, so follow our page and comment below each image with your answer:

This might just take 2 mins each morning, but it is a great way to keep learning every day even if you are busy wit ha fulltime job

Here are two more mock questions to get you started today:

Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Mock Questions:

Answer these three mock questions and check your answers below

Q1: According to the rule of Recipricol Inhibition, what happens to the antagonistic muscle when the agonist concentrically contracts?

A. Eccentric Contraction
B. Concentric Contraction
C. Relax and lengthen
D. Relax and shorten

Q2: Where is the thyroid gland positioned?

A. Inferior to the Kidneys
B. Posterior to the Kidneys
C. Superior to the sternum
D. Anterior to the sternum

Q3: What type of joint is the articulation between the sternum and the ribs?

A. Immovable
B. Synovial
C. Suture
D. Cartilaginous

Now check your answers below:


Q1 = C, Q2 = C, Q3 = D

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