Results Are On The Other Side Of Failure

Today’s FITPRO Session Podcast is all about failure and results. Neale and I explore how success as a FITPRO starts by being willing to take lots of action, even if you experience failure along the way.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why perfectionism stalls action and limits results
  • The benefit of failing fast and frequently
  • That changing HOW you revise, and HOW you take action in your fitness business will improve your chances of success.

Watch S6E4: Results Are On The Other Side Of Failure


0:30 Welcome to Season 6 Episode 4 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast: Results Are On The Other Side Of Failure
1:00 Recap Episode 1 (getting focused), 2 (planning for success), and 3 (Action and procrastination)
2:00 Why perfectionism stops action
4:30 The benefit of focusing on a first draft
8:00 Removing the need of perfectionism in your fitness exam revision
9:00 Waiting to “feel” confident in knowledge before taking action in your fitness business
13:00 Results are on the other side of failure
16:50 RANT: the problem with Fitness Education
20:30 How to use Mock Questions to improve on your failures
23:00 The importance of testing to know if it works
28:00 Fail fast and frequently
29:30 The MarioKart study – there is nothing to lose in practicing
35:30 RANT: does imperfect action actually exist
40:00 Taking action as the best version of you
43:00 Tell us what your big takeaway is from this episode and where you are going to #failfast to move forwards …
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