questions about becoming a personal trainer

Questions and Answers About Becoming a Personal Trainer

questions about becoming a personal trainer Do you have questions about becoming a personal trainer?

After all, it’s a big step… maybe you are preparing for a full career change making your fitness passion your profession.

Maybe you’re thinking about becoming a personal trainer and using your new skill set on a part time basis around your current work.

[Note: in the live Q & A below I talk about the 21 day fitness career challenge: you can enroll for FREE here:]

Or, perhaps you a new to the industry and a personal trainer in training.

Check out the questions below that a number of fit pros sent us about becoming a personal trainer.

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Questions about Becoming a Personal Trainer:


#1 Best tools to use as a personal trainer when communicating with clients online? >> 1 min 39

#2 How to name your PT business, where to get a logo and how to launch as a personal trainer? >>3 mins 26

#3 How to goal set for yourself and your personal trainer clients? >> 7 mins 0

#4 What is the overview of your Level 3 personal trainer practical assessment? >> 10 mins 53

#5 What are forced reps [one of the many resistance training systems for the level 3 PT practical? >> 13 mins 51

#6 Where does peripheral heart action training [PHA] fit within a periodised training plan? >> 15 mins 48

#7 How do you plan for up to 8 people and progress their fitness sessions over time? >> 19 mins 56

No matter how experienced you are as a personal trainer, and no matter how hard you studied on your personal trainer course, it is guaranteed that you will have questions

Everyone has questions,

Everyone needs a little support and an opportunity to get those questions answered…

That’s why we set up our Student Zone on Facebook…

That’s why we do These Q &A Calls…

To answer those little niggling questions and push you to the next level in becoming a personal trainer

If you have questions about becoming a personal trainer, join us in our closed facebook group


See you in the group

Neale “The Questions Answered” Bergman

P.S. In the Q & A I mention a nutrition book that is extremely useful to have, as a personal trainer: check it out here:

I also discuss persona trainer names and logos… there’s more to it than just applying what we want… in fact the science behind it is incredible:



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