PHD in Becoming a PT: Learner of the Month... Issy Griffin

PHD in Becoming a PT: Learner of the Month… Issy Griffin

Learner of the Month Issy Griffin - IssybodiesSuper excited to call Issy Griffin our learner of the month

This lady is has a PHD in becoming a PT!

So here’s a little about Issy…

Although Issy actually qualified as a Personal Trainer two and half years ago with us, her momentum this month has been like a reawakening.

When Issy enrolled to become a Personal Trainer she actually knew that her business would not grow legs until a year or two in.  She paced herself; and kept her aims realistic…

I’m sure you have had the same thing happen to you – a couple of big life challenges looming, moving house, contemplating a career shift, a family to juggle, a home to manage and a dog to walk.

Most others would get overwhelmed and aim to take things easy… not Issy, she enrolled to become a PT instead.

They are all very real obstacles… big life events and general life stuff, but these genuine obstacles are easy to allow as an excuse, easy to allow to hang around for longer than they should…

The main reason why we made Issy Learner of the month – is purely down to her PHD in becoming a PT

Pig – Headed – Determination

She has dialed into what she wants and she most definitely will get it. She appreciates the power of patience and giving her best to all of her clients, she is continually learning and pushing herself to the next level…. all because she is totally determined to achieve the outcome.

What really astounds me about Issy, it takes a real strong women to be able to call yourself out on your own shit and take a step up. To realize the moment when it is time to take action and make the results appear.

Since January Issy has been hustling, doubling her PT revenue with every single month that passes.

Testing herself to the max,

Reaching out and inspiring her ideal clients

Writing blogs and creating videos so she can get clients #theparallelway…

I am really excited to see where Issybodies goes to next; and also to see how many other people Issy inspires with her PHD!

Please do give a high 5 and comment below for Issy… wish her well and drop any questions you may have about becoming a PT .

become a personal trainer - learner of the month

Looking for more inspiration and info about Becoming a PT and make a career shift,  Learn More Here

Speak soon

Neale and Hayley

P.S. If you are thinking of heading into a career change like Issy did, then reach out and book  your career Jumpstart call for this week… CLICK HERE.



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