People Like People Like Themselves - Be You As a FitPro

People Like People Like Themselves: Being You As a Personal Trainer

Today’s Vitamin PC explores a quote from Dale Carnegie:

“People Like People Like Themselves”.

Join us as we extract the lesson and relate it to Being You As a Personal Trainer and FitPro

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • That, people like people, like themselves
  • The importance of being unapologetically you
  • That Being You As a Personal Trainer will attract the clients you want

Watch S3:E7 of our FitPro Sessions Podcast:


0:30 Welcome to today’s Vitamin PC Podcast Episode: “People Like People Like Themselves”
1:00 Who Is Dale Carnegie?
2:00 Proximity – we like people like us >> join our inner circle <<
3:40 Am I Too Old To Become a Personal Trainer
6:30 If you like it, someone else will also like it…
8:30 Just be you as a Personal Trainer – be unapologetically YOU
10:00 You need fewer clients than you think to impact A LOT of people
12:00 What name should I give my Fitness Business
13:00 What do you need to do to have more people like you around you
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