Pass Your Personal Trainer Exam First Time - Circulatory System

Pass Your Personal Trainer Exam First Time – Circulatory System

Pass Your Personal Trainer Exam First Time - Circulatory SystemI bet you’ve looked through your manual, and thought…

“Where do I start? What exactly do I need to know in order to pass my personal trainer exam?”

Now, the course materials are pretty vast and ultimately you need to know it all in time to pass your personal trainer exam!


A good place to start, would be to complete the 101 mock questions [download yours now <<< Click here], this way you can easily recognise the anatomy and physiology areas you already rock in… but also the areas you need to focus more on.

Having taught hundreds of new fitpros all over the world, I always see a trend in people feeling under confident with the “the heart and circulatory system” when sitting their personal trainer exam.

So, here is your focus, your cheat sheet and clarity on the circulatory system.

Let’s start with: What is the Human Circulatory System?

The main organ of the circulatory system is the Human Heart. The other main parts of the circulatory system include the Arteries, Arterioles, Capillaries, Venules, Veins and Blood. The lungs also play a major part in the pulmonary circulation system.

Next, what is the Functions of the Circulatory System?

The function of a humans circulatory system is to transport blood around the body. The blood itself also carries numerous other substances which the body requires to function.

The main substance being Oxygen, carried by a protein called haemoglobin, found inside red blood cells. White blood cells are also vital in their role of fighting disease and infection.

Blood contains platelets which are essential for clotting the blood, which occurs following an injury to stop blood loss. Blood also carries waste products, such as Carbon Dioxide away from muscles and organs in order to be dispelled by the lungs.

How to pass first time

So how does the Circulatory System Work?pass your personal trainer exam - circulatory system

I want to give you a heads up!  This next section is pretty much guaranteed to come up at some point in your personal trainer exam.

There are three circulatory processes occurring simultaneously within the body.

Firstly systemic circulation carries blood around the body, pulmonary circulation carries blood to the lungs and coronary circulation provides the heart with its own supply of blood.

What is the Systemic Circulation?

At the start of the blood circulatory cycle the heart pumps oxygenated blood out of the left ventricle, through the Aorta (the largest artery in the body).

The aorta divides into smaller arteries, then arterioles and finally into microscopic capillaries, found deep within muscles and organs. Here the Oxygen (and other nutrients) passes through the thin capillary walls, into the tissues where it can be used to produce the energy muscles require to contract. (See the diagram below)

A waste product of energy production (metabolism) is Carbon dioxide and in order to be removed, it too passes across the walls of the capillaries, into the blood stream. The blood continues back towards the heart, through venules and then veins, into the right atrium.

So, how are you getting on so far… I hope this is all making sense and giving you clarity over your studies.  See I really want you to pass your personal trainer exam whether it be your first time or your next time.  This way you can crack on with your personal trainer career and make your fitness dream come true.

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What is the Pulmonary Circulation?

Once blood returns to the heart it is then pumped from the right ventricle through the Pulmonary arteries to the lungs, where the waste carbon dioxide can be expelled and more Oxygen collected. The Pulmonary vein carries oxygenated blood back to the left atrium of the heart, where the cycle starts again.

Your next step is to prioritise your home and class study!  If you really want to pass your personal trainer exam the only real way is by doing the work!  Also, bookmark this page and that way you can always find us easily and supercharge your knowledge quickly!

Until next time,

Neale “The Circulatory System” Bergman

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