Parallel news - Weekly news for fitness professionals

Parallel News – Weekly News for Fitness Professionals

Welcome to Parallel News. This is unlike any news program you have seen on TV lately. Instead of doom and gloom about viruses and storms. This is your 2-minute weekly news for Fitness Professionals

Let’s jump straight into this week’s headlines:

How Many Muscles are in the Human Body?

Learners are googling how many muscles are in the human body:

There are 650 muscles in the Human Body. However, you only need to know 26 for your level 2 anatomy and physiology exam and 50 muscles for your level 3 anatomy and physiology exam.

Learning all of the muscles can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Staring at a manual and learning from the smallest of images.

Here’s How Any Trainee Fitness Professional Can Remember Everything To Do With Muscles In As Little As 15-Minutes Every Day (Without Getting Overwhelmed Or Relying On Your Course Manual)

  •  Gives You The Confidence To Do Well On Any Muscle Question
  •  How To Learn EVERY Muscle You Need To Know For Your Exam
  •  Escape From The Worry And Stress About Muscle Questions And Failing Your A&P Exam
  •  Makes It Easy To Crush Your A&P Exam

Muscle Memory Sprint

Storm Ciara puts learners in two groups

Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis are putting learners into two groups:

Those that are getting loads of revision done, as a result of the horrendous weather

And those that are using Storm Ciara as an excuse to do no revision at all

which group are you in?

If you are battening down the hatches through the storms,

make sure you download our FitPro Sessions Podcast to keep you focused on your Revision:

267,000 peeps with T2 Diabetes fail your PARQ

Type 2 diabetes is up 40% in the last 10 years

in 2008 = 190,000 were diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

in 2018 = 267,000 were diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

all of these peeps will fail a PARQ.

That means that as a FitPro you can only work with these clients if you have your Level 3 Exercise Referral qualification or above.

This is where you learn about 14 common clinical conditions, including Diabetes, and how to liaise with medical professionals effectively

level 3 GP Exercise Referral Course

Common trends to passing your fitness exams revealed

Having surveyed thousands of learners that have passed their Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Exam, there is one very clear trend.

They all revised 3 or more times per week

Regular revision sessions are one of the best ways to guarantee a pass.

Need more help to pass your upcoming anatomy exam?

Our Revision Mastery Bootcamp is EVERYTHING You Need To Learn, Revise And Pass Your Level 2 or 3 Anatomy Exam”
(Without Having To Spend Hours Revising Or Feeling Overwhelmed)

Our bootcamps are all mapped to major awarding body syllabi so you know that you are learning topics that will come up in your exam.

The mnemonics are easy to learn and remember and above all can save you hours of revision time.

You can access all of the Revision Mastery Bootcamp plus exclusive bonuses by clicking the link below:

Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 - vary the mode

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