On the Journey to Become a Personal Trainer

2Today is the day 14 personal trainers in the making have been waiting for in Milton Keynes.

12 weeks ago 14 people stepped up to become a personal trainer, and its been one phenomenal journey!

Starting out from not knowing anyone, to fun, laughter and giggle all the way through to meltdowns and tears.

Tears of joy I like to add.. tears from personal breakthroughs… tears from making life long friends.

I have to solute each and everyone of these 14 AMAZING people as they have truly made Parallel Coaching the best place to be the past 12 weeks… THANK YOU from the all four chambers of my heart.

On the Journey to Become a Personal trainer

Their journey started with level 2 fitness instructor… 6 days of drilling in the basics to safe an effective exercise and core coaching techniques. Not to mention day 5 ‘becoming a kettlebell instructor‘ and day 6 ‘qualifying in first aid for fitpros‘.

Next, they jumped two feet into their Level 3 personal trainer and my god did they jump in.  They didn’t just show up in class, they showed up. I mean…

They asked questions after questions…. pushed the material and course content to it’s max and truly become the best version of themselves they could be.

You ask anyone of them [which you can, by joining the student zone below]… it’s not just a course.  It’s more than course, that’s what each one of them would say! It’s about meeting people, making friends for life, progressing your own training and above all… building confidence in your career and overall life. Check out the videos below

In fact each one of these awesome guys and girls are in the Parallel Coaching Student Zone… You can join them here, connect with them, ask them questions and if you’re sitting on the side lines wanting to kick-start in fitness. Now’s the perfect time!1

We’ve spent 15 days in the classroom… all on weekends as most of this group a changing career and have many other commitments.  Taking a side step in your career is daunting, there is no doubt about that. Which is what makes us very different from your average training provider.

You see, each one of us here at Parallel, including myself  has been through that daunting time of procrastination of whether to jump into a different career and then taking the leap.   And pretty much 99% of the guys and girls that step up to become a personal trainer with Parallel Coaching are on that journey as well.

That’s why its not just a course, it’s more than a piece of paper… it’s the extra added detail, that gives you belief, empowerment and conviction you are now on the right path!

In fact if I asked pretty much anyone on the course, what they got out of it and where they are now… David Eady in the video below sums it up a treat: Belief, WATCH NOW

So if you’re sitting on the side lines, having spent time out over Christmas and New Year thinking about your next career move, thinking, maybe just maybe fitness is for you… then reach out.  Just because you reach out and we have a chat doesn’t mean your making a full blown commitment to change career. It means you can get a new perspective and more clarity on where you are now and where you would like to be. Simply follow the link below and let’s chat:


Anyhow… I’m heading back in the classroom to these 14 lovely people… the community they have built and the buzzing student zone is the reason we do what we do.

So once again THANK YOU to the 14 OUTSTANDING fitpros who graduate this weekend and can truly call themselves and say.




Neale ‘the over-flowing-4 chambers’ Bergman

Hayley ‘thank you’ Bergman

Andy ‘It’s been a pleasure’ Merrick

P.S. Make sure you join us in the student zone and follow the link below to chat.




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